Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Atomic Horror (First Edition) – Updated February 20, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 22. In the fourth paragraph under Science!, you must invest at least 2 points in each of two skills from the list given.

P. 25. Firearms Table: the bazooka has an armor divisor of 10 and a Minimum Range of 8; the (air-cooled) Browning has SS 17, Acc 11, 1/2D 800, Wt 21.5, RoF 6*, 20 shots, and Rcl -2; the flamethrower has SS 14 and uses a specialization of Guns (not Gunner) skill; the M-2 carbine has a RoF of 12*; the M-2 HB HMG's damage is multiplied by 1.5 after penetrating armor (as is the M3A1's) and it has 100 shots and -1 Rcl; and the Tokarev T-33 has SS 10, 1/2D 140, Max 1800, ST 10, and Rcl -1.

P. 50. Remove the "18" from the Flying Saucer Deck Plan.

Pp. 60-61. Alphan PCs have Damage Resistance 2 (against everything) for 6 points. The semi-colon is misplaced in the Pacifists entry; it should read "All Alphans are Pacifists (-15 points); personally, they can fight . . ." It costs 14 points to be an Alphan, not counting languages skills or Unusual Background: Alien.

P. 86. In the fifth sentence of the first paragraph under Albert Einstein (1879-1955), replace "Enrico Fermi" with "Leo Szilard".

P. 97. Tyrannosaurus has DX 14, HT 15/50-80, Move 17, DR 3, Size 13+, and Wt 4-6 tons. It measures about 40 feet from head to tail.

P. 122. In the fourth sentence of the fifth paragraph, replace "Deutschemark" with "Reichsmark".