Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Autoduel (First Edition) – Updated October 2, 2000

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 2. In the Table of Contents, under Vehicular Combat, Smoke and Paint is on p. 62, not p. 61.

P. 18. In the Jobs Table, any job requiring more than one skill is multiplied by the highest skill.

P. 19. Under Prices, the page reference in Medical Expenses should be to p. 74-75.

P. 22. Under Familiarity, there is a -2 modifier for driving "an unfamiliar vehicle of a known type."

P. 23. All gas-burning vehicles are TL7, not TL6. (e.g., Small Private Jet and Space Shuttle.)

P. 25. In the Weapons Table, the HK 17-B has 6 shots, not 16.

P. 25. In the Weapons Table, the VLAW stats are not given. Treat it as a LAW in all ways except that it costs $300 and does 3d of damage. Both the LAW and VLAW are one-shot throw-away weapons.

P. 26. Under Minimum Strength, the last line of the first paragraph should be ". . . will take an extra turn to recover from the recoil before the firer can perform any other action."

P. 26. Ammunition should refer to a speed-loader, not a fast-loader.

P. 27. Under Weapons and Accessories, the Laser Targeting Scope does not add a flat +2 to the firer's skill level. Instead, it lengthens the range increment on any weapon it is used with by 50%, eliminates the -4 snapshot penalty, and eliminates the one-second delay before aiming bonuses begin. (This is for second-edition rules. See Ultra-Tech for laser scopes using third-edition rules.

P. 27. Under Weapons and Accessories, the Telescopic Sight does not add a flat +1 to the firer's skill level. instead, it increases range increments by 50%, but only after 1 turn of aiming. It does not eliminate the snapshot penalty.

P. 27. Under Weapons and Accessories, the Light Intensifier Goggles reduce any darkness, but not cloud or smoke, penalties by as much as 3. They give no bonus beyond cancellation of darkness modifiers.

P. 32. In the Vehicle Range sidebar, it should be 160 miles, not 160 mph.

P. 33. The LRFP armor cost for a Compact should be 325/66, not 315/66.

P. 35. An extra magazine may go in a turret, if desired. Also, delete "which is 10% of the cost and weight of the weapon" from the end of the first sentence. For ammo cost/weight, see p. 66.

P. 37. Under Searchlight, use the Gunner (Laser) skill to determine if a hit is made.

P. 37. Under Turrets, p. 00 should be p. 56.

P. 38. With the change in the weight and cost of extra magazines, the Piranha now weighs 5,395 lbs., with 655 lbs. left for crew and cargo. It costs $15,600.

P. 38. The underbody armor of the Foxbat is 0/1, not 0/0, because all vehicles have this minimal armor.

P. 40. Under Weapons and Accessories, trikes may carry spoilers, but not airdams.

P. 42. A point of LRFP armor for a Sleeper cabover costs 800/165, not 800/150.

P. 42. Sidebar - Sleep space requires 10 cubic feet in the tractor.

P. 45. Under Maintain Speed, a vehicle under control can always elect to remain at the same speed it was going the turn before.

P. 48. Under Keeping Control, see pp. 30-32, not just p. 31.

P. 50. Under Critical Failure, delete the first sentence. As elsewhere in GURPS, an 18 is always a critical failure; a 17 is a critical failure for effective skills less than 16; missing by 10 is always a critical failure.

P. 56. Under Making the Roll, change the next-to-last sentence of Range to: "Attacks at ranges greater than Point Blank are at -1 to the gunner's skill level for every full Range Increment from the attacker."

P. 56 and the pull-out Charts and Tables section. Change the p. 00 references to p. 62.

P. 56 and the pull-out Charts and Tables section. The Vehicular Combat Modifiers should change to conform to the Combat Modifiers in the Basic Set (Second Edition).

The new modifiers are as follows:

Vehicular Combat Modifiers

(replaces table on p. A56)
Target Size
Motorcycles and trikes+1
Compacts, subcompacts+1
All other cars+2
Tractor of a big rig+2
Trailer or bus –
from front or back+2
from side+3
Cycle, trike, or car tire-1
Any larger tireno modifier
Turret or rocket platform-1
Portable earth station (when deployed)
no modifier
Building+3 to +5
Tractor's fifth wheel-2
Spoiler, airdam or ramplate-1
Ejection seatno modifier
Motorcycle rider or passenger*no modifier
Firing through smoke or paintSee p. A62
Night-3 to -7**
Rain, snow, fog, etc.-1 to -5**
Gunner blinded by searchlight-10
Targeting computer used+1
Hi-Res targeting computer used+3
Cyberlink used+5
Hand weapon fire from a moving vehicle –
by the driver-4
by anyone else-2
Vehicular weapon from moving vehicle-2
Aiming –
snap shot (no aim)-4
after one turn of aimingno modifier
subsequent turns+1 per turn, up to +3

* may be specifically targeted from side only
** GM's option

P. 57. The entire sidebar should be replaced with the following:

Damage Allocation Example

Let's say a particular side of armor has a PD value of 3 and a DR value of 15. That side of armor is hit simultaneously by a Machine Gun and a Recoilless Rifle.

Of the three slugs fired by the MG, only one hits, doing 3d of damage. The gunner rolls a 6, a 5 and a 2 on the dice. That's a total of 13 – not enough to penetrate the armor – but the armor will lose two points of DR because of the 6 and 5 that were rolled.

The RR gets 5d, which come up 6, 5, 5, 4, 1. The damage total is 21, six greater than the DR value of the armor (which is still 15 because the damage from the MG is not counted until all attacks are resolved). So 6 points of damage get through! In addition, the armor on that side loses 4 more points of DR (for the four dice that came up 4, 5 or 6).

That's a total of 6 points of DR lost in the two attacks, so one point of PD is lost as well (extra damage carries over - when two more points of DR are lost, then another point of PD will go, too). The armor is reduced from 3/15 to 2/9, and the driver is probably looking for a way to keep that side from being hit again . . .

P. 62. The example is flawed, in that a single flamethrower cannot do 25 points of damage in a single turn, but the calculations in the example are valid.

P. 63. Weapon links cost $50.

P. 65. There is at least a +3, not +10, to hit a building.

P. 66. In the Vehicular Weapon Table, (1/2)D of a VMG is 450/90, not 450/240.

P. 66. Under Weapon Descriptions, remove "instead of impaling" from the Autocannon entry.

P. 67. Under Burst Effect, the damage is too great for smaller weapons. Burst damage should do 2d within 6-10 hexes (not 10), and 1d within 11-15 hexes (not 15). A MML does 2d within 5 hexes, 1d in 6 to 10 hexes.

P. 69. Under the Firearm Critical Miss Table, entry 9, 10, 11 should refer to Guns skill, not Gunner.

P. 69. Under the Firearm Critical Miss Table, here and in the pullout section, entry 7 should be: "The weapon recoil knocks you off balance. All active defenses are at -2 until your next turn. If the attack is with a grenade or a laser rifle, ignore this result."

Entry 18 should begin: "18 – The weapon explodes. You take the Damage Amount of the weapon in crushing damage (2d+1 for a .45 pistol, for example, or 2d+2 for an M26-A2 assault rifle) . . ."

P. 76. Under Divisional Breakdown, the standard divisions are: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100.

P. 77. In the AADA Circuits sidebar, add these states to the Atlantic Armor Circuit: Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

P. 80. Under Typical Gang Members, Mastiff Moulin is discussed in the p. 82 sidebar.

P. 82. Under Skills, Mastiff's Motorcycle skill is with a med/heavy cycle.

P. 83. Under The Police, the average police officer carries a .44 pistol, not a .38.

P. 83. Thomas "Hellbent" Braker has both Guns skills at 17, since his IQ bonus is +2.

P. 84 (index). Breached Buildings is on p. 65, not p. 64. In Defensive Swerve Maneuver, p. 55 should be removed. Add the entry "Oversized Vehicles, p. 41." Snapshots for hand weapons is on p. 26, not p. 25.

Pullout Section:

P. vi. The top and underbody armor on the Raketen is 0/6, not 0/5. See also the the Firearm Critical Miss Table notes above, for p. 69.