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ERRATA – GURPS Aztecs – Updated January 11, 1999

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P. 41. Quimichetl's Move is 4. He has Wealth: Comfortable, Reputation +1, and Alertness +1. His Phobia is mild.

P. 93. Under Diplomacy and Spying, a traveling merchant was typically asked to report (not deport) unusual activities.

The last sentence is incomplete. His duty to the Emperor, to return with information and advice, was far more important than nourishing the gods with his death.

P. 110, sidebar. 1519, March 4 should be "1519, March 13."

P. 111. Under Spain and the Aztecs, Cortés landed on the Mexican mainland on March 13, 1519 at the mouth of the Tabasco River. After a few days, he sailed further north and made landfall on March 24, 1519, Good Friday.

P. 113, sidebar. In the last paragraph, Hernán Cortés died on December 2, 1519.

P. 121. In the first paragraph, delete "if female" from the description of women's sitting posture.