Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set (Third Edition, Third and Fourth Printing) – Updated July 8, 1996

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

All these changes should also be marked in earlier copies.

P. 20. First-level Eidetic Memory gives a +1 bonus to all magic spells; second-level Eidetic Memory gives a +2. This is the only bonus it gives to magic.

P. 22. Musical Ability is a bonus when you learn any musical skill – so it would add to HT when you learn Singing.

P. 24. Clarification: If several members of the group share a Patron (or, for that matter, an Enemy), the GM rolls only once.

P. 49. Clarification: Under Throwing skill, the DX-3 default is to throw something for which there is no separate skill listed. For things for which a skill is listed, use that skill or its default.

P. 75. At the bottom of the page, the p. 123 reference should be to p. 120.

P. 107. Under Free Actions, remove the "Disbelieve an illusion . . . " line. An attempt to disbelieve an illusion requires a turn of concentration.

P. 117. The GM may add to-hit modifiers up to -4 for unpredictable movement of the target. A target which doesn't deviate from a straight line by at least its own size per second is not unpredictable! Sample modifiers:

P. 125. The first "steel bar" listing in the table should be a half-inch.

P. 206. Minimum ST for the Light Club should be 10.

P. 206. The Lance entry should refer to p. 136.

P. 207. The Bolas does thrust-1 damage.

P. 208. The Laser Pistol RoF is 4*. The Blaster does 6d damage.

P. 209. The Blast Rifle does 12d damage. The Disruptor does 6d damage. The Laser Rifle has RoF 3~. The Military Laser Rifle has SS 12.

P. 254. Add an entry for Grenades, 119, 121-122, 209.

P. 254. Initiative should refer to p. 123.

P. 256. Slavery should refer to p. 193, not 239.

P. 256. There should be a listing for Stunner, 119, 208-209.

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