Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set (Third Edition, Fifth and Sixth Printing) – Updated July 8, 1996

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

All these changes should also be marked in earlier copies.

P. 21. The cost of Longevity has been changed to 5 points.

P. 61. No, Physiology can't default from Hypnotism, even though Hypnotism is a medical skill.

P. 90. At the end of the Throwing Distance Table sidebar, add "If you're trying to hit a specific target, there are penalties for its speed and distance. See p. 201."

P. 110. Under Critical Misses, the third sentence should read "A roll of 17 is a critical miss unless your effective skill is 16 or better; in that case, it is an ordinary miss."

P. 114. At the end of the Thrown Objects paragraph, add "See p. 201 for penalties for hitting a specific target."

P. 120. Under Rate of Fire, the phrase "moving, facing or dodging" should read "moving, changing facing or dodging."

P. 136. Under Spooking, each attempt to replace a weapon in its scabbard while on a bucking mount should require 1d+1 seconds.

P. 146. For clarity, change the 3rd sentence in the 2nd paragraph of Learning Magic to "Spells are Mental/Hard skills (except for a few, specified in the Spell List, which are Mental/Very Hard)."

P. 149. Add a new next-to-last sentence to Wand and Staff: "Pointing with the staff reduces the range to the subject by 1 hex."

P. 176. Psionic Resistance is listed as a psionic skill under Antipsi. Actually, psionic resistance is a special advantage available only in games that allow psionics. It costs 2 points per level of resistance. The description reads exactly the same.

P. 211. Front and back inserts for the Second Chance Hardcorps cost $190 each.

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