Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Basic Set (Third Edition Revised, First Printing) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

All these changes should also be marked in earlier copies, except as noted.

P. 26. Under "Good" Disadvantages, the references to Honesty should be to Truthfulness instead.

P. 44. Under the Skill Defaults: Using Skills You Don't Know sidebar, insert this paragraph in between the third and fourth paragraphs: "Default levels in skills do not carry any of the skills' special benefits with them. Special benefits would include damage bonuses, dodge bonuses, 2/3-skill parry, unpenalized off-hand use, move bonuses, and so on."

P. 49. Battlesuit/TL is Physical/Average.

P. 52. Under the Spear Thrower skill, delete the line that says to use ST+5 when using a Spear Thrower for determining damage and range. Spear Thrower now has a separate entry in the weapons tables.

P. 63. Carousing defaults to HT-4.

P. 65. Demolition defaults to Underwater Demolition-2, as well as the listed defaults.

P. 68. Underwater Demolition should be listed as a TL skill.

P. 73. In the Weapon Effects sidebar, delete "(other attacks may do zero damage)" under Thrusting Attacks.

P. 74. Change the damage done by ST 4 or less in the Basic Damage Table. ST 4 has a basic damage of 1d-6 (thrusting and swinging); ST 3 has 1d-7; ST 2 has 1d-8; and so on.

P. 74. The line at the bottom of the chart should read "See p. 248 for a chart covering higher levels of ST."

P. 90. We dropped a line from the top of the page in this and the previous printing. The first line should read "Picking Things Up In Combat: In combat, a light item is picked up with the"

P. 97. Under Concentrate, the second sentence should read "If the character is hurt, knocked down, forced to use an active defense, or otherwise distracted, he must make a Will-3 roll to maintain his concentration." Delete the third sentence.

P. 98. In the attack penalties sidebar, the reference for strange position should be to p. 123, not p. 120.

P. 101. Under Punching, add a note that its Reach is C,1. Under Kicking, add a note that its Reach is 1 without Karate training.

The first sentence under Kicking should read "A kick is treated exactly like a punch, except your skill is DX-2, Brawling-2, or Karate-2, and you do straight Thrust/Crush damage - or Thrust+1 if you are wearing heavy boots or something similar."

P. 106. Under Step and Concentrate, the second paragraph should read "If the character is hurt, knocked down, forced to use and active defense, or otherwise distracted, he must make a Will-3 roll to maintain his concentration."

P. 109. In the Massive Damage sidebar, change the comment "is lost and does not affect the victim" to "cripples the limb instead of dealing additional hits of damage."

P. 111. Change the fourth sentence under Grapple to read "Grappling does no damage, but the foe is at -4 DX and may not leave until he breaks free, or you let go."

P. 119. Under Single-Shot Weapons change the last two sentences to "This penalty is applied to a second or subsequent shot from the same gun, unless there is a minimum one-second pause between shots. The penalty is doubled if your ST is below the minimum listed for the weapon, and the minimum pause becomes two seconds."

P. 119. In the Revised edition only, change the reference to GURPS Space in the Power Supplies sidebar to p. 247.

P. 127. Under Crippling Injuries, change "taking hits equal to" to "being hit for". Similarly, under Knockdown, change "Anyone who takes damage" to "Anyone who is hit for".

P. 131. Under Falling Objects change the line that begins "For simplicity" to read "For simplicity, when dealing with falling inanimate objects. . . ." Falling beings reach terminal velocity at 50 yards, as described under Falling, above.

P. 139. In the first paragraph after the diagram, the reference to "flying" skill should be to Piloting skill.

P. 159. In the description of Destroy Water, delete "(but see the next spell)" from the last sentence. The Dehydrate spell does not follow in Basic, as it does in Magic.

P. 167. The One-Skill Cost for Psi Sense should be 1.

P. 175-176. We intended to change the Limitations rules in the sidebar to match those in GURPS Psionics. We didn't. If you have GURPS Psionics, follow it in case of discrepancies.

P. 195. In the Loyalty Checks sidebar, Rescue needs to be changed. When a hireling is rescued, make a Reaction Roll (not a Loyalty Check). This roll should be at +3 or more, depending on the nature of the rescue. The hireling's loyalty is the result of the Reaction Roll, or his original loyalty, whichever is higher.

P. 201. Under Ranged Attack Modifiers: Opportunity fire, the penalty for watching one hex is -2. The penalty for watching two hexes is still -4.

P. 207. Replace the Spear Thrower entry in the weapons table with this one:

WeaponTypeAmountRangesCostWeightMin ST
SPEAR THROWER (DX-4 or Spear Throwing-4)
Atlatl$202 lbs.
w/Dartimpsw-1111STx3STx4$201 lb.none
w/Javelinimpsw+1113STx2STx3$302 lbs.7
w/Spearimpsw+3122STx1.5STx2$404 lbs.9

P. 245. Computer Hacking defaults to Computer Programming-4, not Computer Operation-8. It is a /TL skill.

P. 245. In Cryptanalysis, first paragraph, last sentence should read: ". . . to unsophisticated ciphers."

P. 253. The entry for Disbelieve sends you to Free Actions, p. 107. Disbelieve is not a free action; see p. 106.

P. 254. Add an index entry: Freight Handling skill, p. 46.