Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Bestiary (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 3. Add the abbreviation PRE = Prehistoric.

P. 3. Fresh-Water Aquatic should be abbreviated FW.

P. 8. Gladius: Attacking Inanimate Objects should refer to p. B108.

P. 9. Kraken: size should be 50-500.

P. 19. Peccary: the origin should be R, not ML (Europe).

P. 19. Sphinx: add a "#" to the Speed/Dodge entry.

P. 20. Badger: the sentence third from the end should read, "The spell lasts for 10 seconds – its sole function . . ."

P. 24. Mastodon: PD/DR should be 3/4.

P. 31. Elephant: PD/DR should be 3/4.

P. 37. Pangolin: the Damage should be 1d-4 cut.

P. 39. Calchona: Origin should be ML (Chile).

P. 45. Petty Drake: ST should be "1-6#, with 1 ST per 6 inches of length." It costs 1 Fatigue to Breathe Fire. Petty drakes of one foot length or less do 1 hit damage; drakes over one foot long do 2 hits of damage.

P. 45. Puma: "panther" should replace "painter" in the first sentence.

P. 54. Konoba: add a "#" to the Speed/Dodge entry.

P. 54. Mammoth: PD/DR should be 3/5.

P. 56. Snake: add "aggressive" to the rattlesnake rating.

P. 59. Medusa: add a "#" to the Speed/Dodge entry.

P. 60. Pellucidus: a "#" to the Speed/Dodge entry.

P. 61. Strix: add a "#" to the Speed/Dodge and Damage entries.

P. 65. Snolligoster: PD/DR should be 2/2.

P. 70. The Cat entry should read "Cats are covered in detail under Animal Companions (p. 99)."

P. 71. Size of the Cavalry Horse is 3.

P. 80. Kelpies are immune to all magic spells including missile spells, but not magic weapons.

P. 82. Shadow Wolf: the creature's bite should be listed as "1d+2 impaling." The venom adds to this damage.

P. 82. Strong Toad: add a "#" to the PD/DR entry.

P. 88. In the Demonic Animals sidebar, the chapter reference should be Chapter 19 of the Basic Set.

P. 88. In the Other Animals sidebar, Tiger Cat and Fisher should be removed from the second paragraph.

P. 94. In the Digging sidebar, the digging rate is doubled for Loose soil, and halved for Hard soil.

P. 96. In the Net sidebar, a 20-lb. net can be thrown a distance of ST/2 + (1/5) Net skill yards. The melee net may also be thrown for ST/2 + (1/5) Net skill yards.

P. 97. In the Lasso sidebar, cost is $40, weight 3 lbs. for a 15-yard lariat.

P. 101. In the sidebar, the Basic Set reference should be to p. B142.