Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Bestiary (Second Edition, Second Printing) – Updated August 18, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 60, sidebar:Clarification! The last paragraph should read "If the victim's neck takes edged-weapon damage equal to his hit points, a successful HT roll is necessary to avoid decapitation!"

P. 78. Change the page reference in the Venom paragraph of the sidebar to "pp. 50-51".

P. 93. Under Were Form, cost is 5 points per form, plus special variations.

P. 100. Replace the text under Feet Manipulators with:

Any limb which can manipulate should be purchased as a short Extra Arm (5 points) with Nuisance Effect: Temporary Disadvantage (Legless while using Extra Arms, -35%), for 4 points. This means that if a person with feet manipulators is using his feet as arms, he can't walk or run; he can sit still, float (in space or liquid) or fly, of course.