Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Bestiary (Second Edition, First Printing) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 47. Under Water Buffalo, insert this line after "inhabiting wet plains": "and swamps. It is quite cagey (give it +6 to IQ for tricking".

P. 91. The example has an error that cascades through all the calculations. Replace it with the following paragraph:

Example: Peggy is building a swan may who transforms when she dons a cloak of feathers. This cloak is Awkward (-10%), Can Be Stolen by stealth or trickery (-2%, because she defines it as being usable only its owner and as being absorbed in the change; see below), and Unique (-25%). This works out to a final modifier of -37%. Were Form normally costs 10 points per form; at a discount of 37%, it will cost her 7 points (6.3 rounded up). The swan may has 100 points; her human form works out to 70 points after disadvantages and quirks (which includes the cost of the Were Form gadget), leaving 30 points for her swan form. However, she has a 37% discount on points spent on her were-form because of the gadget modifier; this actually gives her 30 divided by .63 (that is, 100% minus 37%), or 47 points as the unmodified point total for her swan form after disadvantages and quirks.

P. 99. Winged Flight and Glider are advantages, not skills.

P. 110. In the example, the tiger should roll at 45, not 42.

P. 120, Jaguar Warriors: The jaguar skin has the same error as the swan may example on p. 91; change the discount to 37% in the text under the illo and change the last sentence of that paragraph to: "The jaguar skin is absorbed in the change, and is only usable by the warrior for whom it was made." Change the Jaguar Warrior example to ST 13 [30], IQ 9 [-10].

P. 121, Jaguar Warrior example: Change the jaguar form to IQ 9 [40]. His point total should be 109 (172 points less 37% gadget discount).