Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Car Warriors – Updated February 10, 1998

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P. 5. Sally O'Shea's Weapon Ranges box needs the .45 information added.

P. 6. Hammerdown Smith's Dodge is 5.

P. 8. Lisa Devereaux's Dodge is 6.

P. 9. Gus Foley's Basic Speed is 5.25.

P. 29. The Road Conquerer has an acceleration of 5 at 25 mph or above.

P. 35. J.W. Rutherford's Move and Dodge equal 6.

P. 42. Mongo's Swimming skill should be 15, not 11. His fat wouldn't affect him in the water.

P. 48. Lindy Logan's Basic Speed is 5.75.

AADA Road Atlas & Survival Guide series

Volume One – The East Coast

P. 45. Under Special Equipment, Cluster Bombs weigh 15 lbs. and take up 1 cubic foot.

P. 53. Under Plot Overview, change the p. 00 reference to p. 56.

Volume Six – The Free Oil States

Kyle Miller should be added to the list of interior artists, and there are two B's in George "Speed" Webber's name.

No errata are known for the other Road Atlas volumes.