Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Compendium I (First Printing) – Updated April 27, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Some Playtesting spelling corrections: Thomas Ackermann and Mikael Hansson.

P. 6. In the Low Attributes as Disadvantages sidebar, change the last sentence to read "Thus, the most anyone can ever get from a single low attribute and disadvantages combined is -55 points."

P. 12. In the Extra Effort with High Strength table, delete the first two rows (for ST15 and ST16). The formula used only applies to ST greater than 16.

Also in the Extra Effort with High Strength table, some of the Extra Effort Lift numbers are incorrect. The correct values for these entries are:

STExtra Effort Lift

P. 19. Under Alcohol Tolerance, change the third sentence to read "If the detailed drinking rules on pp. CII162-168 are being used, the follwing benefits are gained." In the next paragraph change the Intoxication Table page reference to pp. CII163-165.

P. 24. Under Enhanced Parry note that it is available to cinematic martial artists who have either the Trained By a Master or the Weapon Master advantage.

Under Extra Hit Points, the page numbers for the two Compendium II references are CII151 and CII152-154, respectively.

Page reference under Extra Stun is p. CII151.

Under Fashion Sense, add this sentence: "Fashion Sense can also be used to give someone else a +1 reaction bonus if the character with the advantage puts together the outfit."

Pp. 24, 183. Extra Stun cost is Variable. It may be purchased at the rate of 1/2 to 2 points per extra point, at the GM's discretion. If Extra Hit Points are allowed, then Extra Stun should cost only 1/2 point per level.

Pp. 27, 64, 81. Page reference under Less/Reduced/Extra Sleep is pp. CII173-174.

P. 27. Under Manual Dexterity, change "DX," to "DX, or IQ in some cases,".

P. 28. Change all instances of "Legality Rating" to "Legality Class".

P. 31. Under 3D Spatial Sense, add +2 to Free Fall to the list of bonuses conferred.

P. 32. Under Weapon Master, note that weapon skills may not be bought up from the improved defaults that this advantage grants.

Pp. 34, 182. Being of Pure Thought costs 290 points. Their Insubstantiability gets the -50% special limitation Always On and the +100% special enhancement Can Affect Substantial.

P. 34. Under Blessed, the page reference for Inherent Magic (Knacks) is p. 38.

P. 37. Under The Mage Can Take His Familiar's Shape, change "Cost is assessed" to "Point cost is assessed".

P. 43. Page reference for silver weapons under Shapeshifter is p. CII21.

P. 50. Under Bite, note that the HT drain is based on Steal HT.

P. 52. Replace the entire ablative Damage Resistance section (from the start of the third paragraph down to the end of the little table) with:

Special Limitation: Ablative DR, -15%. When an attack strikes ablative DR, every 10 points of basic damage rolled removes one point of DR, regardless of whether or not the attack penetrates DR. Lost DR "heals" at the same rate as lost HT. Characters who want their DR to regenerate more quickly may take Regeneration. A character may put a layer of ablative DR under normal DR, in which case only the damage that penetrates the normal DR reduces the ablative DR.

P. 56. Under Flight, add CII74 to the B139 page reference.

P. 57. Under Growth, relabel the third column of the Growth and Strength table "Cost reduction". Replace the Special limitation with this text: "Special limitation: Maximum size only. If you can only switch between normal height and your maximum, you may apply the same cost reduction from the chart above to the Growth ability itself." Replace the last sentence with "If so, they should be bought with the same cost reduction from the chart."

P. 58. Under Hyper-Reflexes, add this sentence to the end of the text: "This fatigue cost may not be reduced by the Reduced Fatigue Cost enhancement."

Under Hyper-Strength, add this sentence to the end of the text: "This fatigue cost may not be reduced by the Reduced Fatigue Cost enhancement."

P. 61. Under Modified Arm ST delete the sentence "This ST must be bought normally, not as the Enhanced ST advantage."

P. 72. Delete "ranged or area" from the first sentence under Natural Attacks.

P. 79. Replace the page reference under Alcohol-Related Quirks with pp. CII162-168.

P. 83. Page reference under Reduced Hit Points is pp. CII152-154.

Under Reduced Manual Dexterity, change "DX," to "DX, or IQ in some cases,".

P. 84. Replace the CCS53-57 page reference under Susceptibility to Poison with pp. CII163-165.

P. 90. Under Guilt Complex, change "advantage" in the first line to "disadvantage".

P. 93. Under Prefrontal Lobotomy, note that the -2 to IQ is not included in the -15 point cost of this disad.

P. 101. Under Centauroid, add this sentence: "Extra Legs and any Inconvenient Size must be bought separately." This disadvantage only covers the postural effects.

P. 105. Add this note under Uncontrolled Change: "This disadvantage has also appeared under the name Unpredictable Change."

Pp. 123, 125. In the Vehicle Skill Specializations sidebar, change Driving (Large Truck) to Driving (Heavy Wheeled) and Piloting (Airship) to Piloting (Lighter-than-Air).

P. 125. The Guaranteed Play-Balance Table is also on p. CII10.

Building Vehicles is on pp. VE201-202.

P. 126. Under Making a Prototype, change the reference at the end of the first paragraph to GURPS Vehicles, p. 201.

Pp. 138-145. Blind Fighting, Drunken Fighting, Flying Leap, Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow, Precognitive Parry, Pressure Points, Throwing Art, and Zen Archery have the prereq Trained by a Master or Weapon Master.

P. 146. Under Bardic Lore, the skill used for composing new songs is Musical Composition, not Musical Instrument.

P. 150. Herbary is a /TL skill.

Under Cryptanalysis the page reference is to p. 156.

P. 151. Intelligence Analysis is a /TL skill.

Delete Naval Strategy. This duplicates the Strategy (Naval) skill from the Basic Set.

Move Naval Tactics to Tactics (Naval). Change text to "This is a required specialization of Tactics."

Under Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare, change "warfare environment" to "hazard environment". This skill has applications outside of wartime.

Traffic Analysis is a /TL skill.

P. 153. Surveying is a /TL skill.

P. 155. Psionics is a /TL skill.

Pp. 155, 188. Under Cartography, add Surveying-5 to the list of defaults.

Pp. 157, 188. Add the following skill:

Hydrology (Mental/Average) / Defaults to Meteorology-6
Hydrology is the science dealing with the waters of the earth - their properties, phenomena and distribution. It includes the hydrologic cycle: precipitation, evaporation and runoff to rivers, oceans and lakes, whether from soil or vegetation. A hydrologist could also answer questions about flood control, irrigation, erosion, glaciers, currents and so on. Should anyone wish to specialize in the Titan equivalent, methology, treat it as basically the same but for methane oceans and currents. It defaults to Meteorology-8; general hydrology and methology specialization would default to each other at -3.

P. 157. Planetology is a /TL skill.

P. 158. Psionics is a /TL skill.

In the fourth paragraph under Science!, you must invest at least 2 points in each of two skills from the list given.

Pp. 158, 190. Under Surveying/TL, add Cartography-5, Navigation-5 to the list of defaults. Add "Prerequisite: Mathematics".

P. 159. Xenobiology is a /TL skill.

Xenology is a /TL skill.

P. 160. In the last paragraph under Brain Hacking, note that the system from Pyramid has been reprinted in GURPS Warehouse 23.

Computer Hacking is a /TL skill.

P. 161. Under Filch, add Sleight of Hand-5 to the list of defaults.

Intelligence Analysis is a /TL skill.

P. 170. Under Knee Strike, note that this attack has a Reach of C (not C, 1 like most other Karate strikes).

P. 181. Under Page References, it should read "p. M72" means "page 72 of GURPS Magic,"

Add PM for Places of Mystery.

P. 182.

P. 183.

P. 184.

P. 185.

P. 186.

P. 187.

P. 188.

P. 189.

P. 190.