Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Compendium I (Second Printing) – Updated July 28, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 24. Enhanced Parry is also normally available to characters who have the Weapon Master advantage (p. 32).

The page references to Compendium II in Extra Hit Points are p. CII151 and pp. CII152-154, respectively.

Extra Stun cost is Variable. It may be purchased at the rate of 1/2 to 2 points per extra point, at the GM's discretion. If Extra Hit Points are allowed, then Extra Stun should cost only 1/2 point per level. The page reference is p. CII151.

Under Fashion Sense, add this sentence: "Fashion Sense can also be used to give someone else a +1 reaction bonus if the character with the advantage puts together the outfit."

P. 25. Replace the first paragraph under Hard to Kill with:

In a realistic campaign, the GM may wish to limit characters to a certain level of Hard to Kill; 1 or 2 levels is reasonable.

P. 43. In the third paragraph under Shapeshifter ("Were"), the change takes 2d seconds.

P. 55. Replace the text under Feet Manipulators with:

Any limb which can manipulate should be purchased as a short Extra Arm (5 points, see p. 54) with Nuisance Effect: Temporary Disadvantage (Legless while using Extra Arms, -35%), for 4 points. This means that if a person with feet manipulators is using his feet as arms, he can't walk or run; he can sit still, float (in space or liquid) or fly, of course.

P. 67. Flight is a prerequisite for Super Flight.

Pp. 104, 186. Slow Metabolism is -60 points/level.

P 108. Replace all text in the Linked Enhancements and Limitations sidebar with:

One may "link" a set of enhancements to a set of limitations, in which case the limitations come into effect only when the enhanced version of the power is used. To do this, apply both sets of modifiers normally, but since enhancements linked to limitations still add a capability, they should cost points: the limitations cannot reduce the net modifier for all linked traits to less than ¼ the value of just the enhancements. If they would, use ¼ the value of the enhancements instead.

Example: Explosive Effect (+40%) is linked to Recoil (-40%). Since the net modifier would be +0%, ¼ the value of Explosive Effect is used instead, giving a final modifier of +10%.

Pp. 129-130. Replace the second and third paragraphs of the Musical Composition skill with the following:

To compose for an ensemble or band without a conductor, the composer must have a skill level of IQ-2 with each instrument in the composition and a skill level of IQ with at least one. Roll at -1 for per musical instrument group after the first used in the piece; e.g., a composition utilizing a saxophone section, drums and a solo trombone would require a roll at -2.

To compose for an orchestra or a band with a conductor, the composer must know Conducting skill (p. 129) at IQ level. Roll at -1 per class of instruments after the first used in the piece. Classes include brass, percussion, strings and woodwinds; treat a choir, harp, organ or piano as its own class.

P. 140. Flying Leap has the prereqs Power Blow, Jumping, and either Trained By A Master or Weapon Master. Replace "his strength will be tripled" with "his Strength or Jumping skill will be tripled".

P. 141. Kiai has the prereqs Trained By A Master or Weapon Master.

P. 144. Pressure Points has the prereqs Trained By A Master or Weapon Master.

P. 145. Throwing Art has the prereqs Throwing 16+ and either Trained By A Master or Weapon Master.

Zen Archery has the prereqs Bow 20+ and either Trained By A Master or Weapon Master. In the last sentence replace "modifiers" with "penalties".

P. 147. Under Performance/Ritual, delete "Each ritual is a separate skill." Change "a specific religious ritual" to "a particular religion's rituals".

P. 158. Delete the Sociology default from Thanatology.

P. 160. Delete the first sentence of the second paragraph of Savoir-Faire (Dojo).

Computer Hacking is a /TL skill.

P. 161. Filch also defaults to Sleight of Hand-5.

Intelligence Analysis is a /TL skill.

Add after the first paragraph of Shiphandling/TL: "The prerequisites for the starship specialization of Shiphandling are Astrogation, Piloting (Starship) and Shipmaster (the spacecraft version of Aviation (M/A; defaults to IQ-5, Astrogation-3, Aviation-4))."

P. 183. Extra Stun cost is Variable.

Heavy Scales cost is 28.

Add Honor Student; 3; IOU18.

Add Jock; 8; IOU18.

P. 184. Temperature Tolerance costs 1/level.

Add Very Light Scales; 0; 57.

P. 187. Unique is on p. 99.

P. 188. Cartography is a /TL skill.

Chemistry/TL also defaults to Alchemy-3.

Add Hydrology/TL; MA; Meteorology-6; 157.

P. 189. Change Motorcycle/TL (type) to "Motorcycle/TL".

P. 190. Sensie Interface is a /TL skill.