Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Compendium II (First Printing) – Updated May 18, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 6. In the fifth paragraph under Breakdowns and Maintenance, replace "Mechanic or Electronics" with "Mechanic, Electronics or Electronics Operation".

P. 7 In entry 7,8 in the Mechanical, Electronic and Biochemical Critical Failure Table replace the text after the semi-colon with this: "your next roll (for whatever reason) involving that device is at -3."

Under Ground Vehicle Breakdowns, change (c) in the second paragraph to read "was built in TL5 or the first half of TL6".

P. 30. Shortsword defaults to DX-5, Broadsword-2, or Force Sword-3.

P. 32. A Fuxina does thrust+1 (thrust+2 if used two-handed) impaling for each stabbing point.

P. 33. Move the Weapon entry "or Fuxina" up one row in the table. All four of the last lines apply to the Southern-Tiger Fork and the Fuxina.

P. 34. Firearms Accessories is continued on p. 36.

P. 36. Two-Handed Sword defaults to DX-5 or Force Sword-3.

P. 38. At the end of the sidebar, note that Gyroc Rounds are 3 lbs. for 20 rounds.

P. 42. Studded Leather Skirts are $60, 4 lbs.

P. 45. A Saxon (Round) Shield provides PD 3; treat as a medium shield.

Treat a Viking (Round) Shield as a large shield as stated. Change "about 3 feet across" to "at least 3 feet across".

P. 50. Replace step 34 with this text: "Subtract the modified DR of step [33] from the damage rolled in step [29]; if the result is greater than 0, go immediately to [36]. If the result is exactly 0 (0 or less if you are attacking with a bullet), go immediately to [35]. In all other cases, go to [53]."

In step 35, replace "5 or 6" with "6". Change the last sentence to "If damage was inflicted, go immediately to [36]. If your target was the brain, head (including the nose or jaw) or vitals (including groin or kidneys), go immediately to [39]. Otherwise, go to [53]."

P. 53. The Jaw is -6 to hit. The special effects listed for a Jaw hit only apply to thrust/crushing attacks.

P. 67. Under Recoil, any long-arm with the butt-stock removed or folded during firing has its Rcl multiplied by 1.5 (round up). Note that folding the stock also lowers SS by 2 and Acc by 3. Add a fifth penalty: "(5) Double Rcl for a base skill with the weapon of less than 12."

P. 74. In the last sentence under Attacks, the page reference is to p. 72, not p. 92.

P. 81. Under The Fight's Over Already?, the author is Chris McCubbin, not S. John Ross.

P. 95. Under Factors Affecting the Battle, replace "Quick Contest of Naval Tactics" with "Quick Contest of Tactics" and change the parenthetical sentence to "(Throughout this section, the Naval specialization is meant when referring to Strategy)".

P. 97. Age Tables for Round Shot is actually Damage Tables for Round Shot.

New Damage Tables for Round Shot:

Light Damage Table: Round Shot
1Hull damage: -2 to Shiphandling until repaired.
2One ship's boat damaged: 2 days to repair.
3Cannon supports damaged: 10% less firepower, 2 days to repair.
4Sails damaged: reduce speed by 10% (round down).
5Rigging damaged: -1 to Shiphandling.
6Main Deck area hit. *
7Hull damage: -2 to Shiphandling until repaired.
8Cargo damaged: 10% destroyed.
9Forecastle damaged. *
10Poop area damaged. *
11Cabin area damaged. *
12Galley damaged: one day to rebuild. *
Medium Damage Table: Round Shot
1Hull damage: -4 to Shiphandling until repaired. Roll 1d; on a 6 the ship begins taking on water and will sink in 1d hours unless the pumps are manned.
2One ship's boat destroyed.
3Cannon damaged: 50% less firepower, Armoury skill and 2 weeks needed to repair. Roll 2d: On a 12, the ship is aflame and will burn to the waterline in 10-60 minutes unless the pumps are manned.
4Sails damaged: reduce speed by 50% (round down).
5Rigging damaged: -4 to Shiphandling.
6Main Deck area hit. *
7Hull damage: -4 to Shiphandling, jettison 30% of cannon and cargo or ship sinks in 10-60 minutes.
8Cargo damaged: 50% destroyed.
9Forecastle damaged. *
10Poop area * and Cabin area * both damaged.
11*Steering Gear damaged: -4 to Shiphandling.
12*Capstan damaged: cannot move cannons or anchor until repaired (two days).
Heavy Damage Table: Round Shot
1Mainmast broken 10 feet above deck: -90% to speed.
2Magazine blows up, ship destroyed. **,**,**
3Sails and Rigging severely damaged: -90% to speed, -10 to Shiphandling.
4Cannon destroyed: firepower reduced by 75%. Roll 1d: On a 6, the ship is aflame and will burn to the waterline in 5-30 minutes unless pumps manned.
5Hull damage: -4 to Shiphandling, jettison 50% of cannon and cargo or ship sinks in 5-30 minutes.
6Maindeck area severely damaged. **
7Cargo destroyed or rendered worthless.
8Poop destroyed ** and Cabin destroyed. **
9Forecastle destroyed. **
10One mast destroyed (roll randomly): -50% to speed (-90% for mainmast).
11Rudder destroyed: -6 to Shiphandling until replaced.
12All pumps destroyed.

Result 12 in the Heavy Damage Table: Chain Shot table is "All pumps destroyed".

P. 100. In the DR to DF Conversion Table, replace the DR ranges for DF 4-7 with these, respectively: "560-1119", "1120-2239", "2240-4479", and "4480-8959".

P. 117. Replace "cost-to-raise" with "equipment cost" in the first sentence of the third paragraph under Paying and Maintaining Troops. A month's pay is about 10% of equipment costs, as stated under Raising Troops. Bonuses are still determined as mentioned.

Move the last paragraph under Paying and Maintaining Troops to just before Special Abilities.

P. 127. Under Troop Costs, change "cost to raise troops" with "equipment cost for troops" in the first sentence and "cost to raise" to "equipment cost" in the last sentence.

P. 162. In the paragraph above the Alcohol Content Table, change "= 1 ounce of pure alcohol" to "= 1/2 ounce of pure alcohol".

In the Alcohol Content Table, Brandy is 35-40% alcohol, giving it an 7-8 rating. Most Liqueurs have 20-40% alcohol giving them a 4-8 rating.

P. 163. Women multiply their HT by 0.6 to determine Tolerance.

P. 167. In the last paragraph, replace "An adult dose of aspirin, or an equivalent," with "A non-aspirin, over-the-counter pain reliever", and "aspirin" with "it", later in the paragraph.

Add the following to the end of the last paragraph: "Aspirin is more effective at relieving the symptoms of hangover, but can cause dangerous levels of upset to the sensitive lining of a hangover victim's stomach."

P. 174. Under Meditation, change the page reference to p. CI142.

P. 190. The Rule of 16 - Resistance Rolls: Replace the rule with "If the subject is a living being, the caster's effective skill cannot exceed the higher of 16 or the subject's actual resistance."

P. 192. In the Venom entry, change "146" to "145".