Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Compendium II (Second Printing) – Updated February 4, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 6. In the fifth paragraph under Breakdowns and Maintenance, replace "Mechanic or Electronics" with "Mechanic, Electronics or Electronics Operation".

P. 19. Under Axe/Mace (DX-5); p. B49, replace "Tessen (Iron Fan)" with "Gumbai (Iron Fan)". The gumbai is a non-folding fan with a large, flat blade.

P. 20. In the table at the top of the page, replace "Tessen" with "Gumbai".

P. 23. Under DX, Brawling (p. B50) or Karate (p. B51), replace "Combat Fan" with "Tessen (Combat Fan)".

P. 31. Replace the Gladius paragraph with:

Gladius: A stabbing shortsword, issued to all Roman legionaries. Used with Shortsword skill. Optionally, legionary training gives +1 for thrusting attacks and -1 to skill for swinging attacks.

P. 32. Replace the Fuxina paragraph with:

Fuxina: This was a trident wielded by Roman Gladiators. It is used with Spear skill at no penalty. Those who are unfamiliar with it (see sidebar, p. B43) have a -2 to use it until they have sparred for 8 hours. The three points and extra weight give it some properties different from a spear: opponents are at -1 to Dodge a fuxina but +1 to Parry or Block (the Dodge penalty can facilitate catching fish with this weapon!). It does thrust+3 damage one-handed and thrust+4 two-handed. Armor DR is doubled against the fuxina, and it cannot be hurled. Weight is 5 lbs.

P. 34. Under Spear Throwing, delete the mention of yari in the first paragraph. Also, delete the paragraph on yari (the eighth paragraph).

P. 36. In the table under Two-Handed Sword, change the Reach for swinging the Naginata to 2.

P. 42. Segmented Armor covers the torso and thus protects areas 9-11 and 17-18. Also, add the following sentence to end of the second paragraph: "It is unlikely that Roman legionaries wore leather armor, though the statistics for leather versions of their segmented armor are fine for an alternate setting."

P. 44. Under Heavy Plate, the Heavy Corselet should have DR 20.

P. 144. It should be "Masuizai Powder," not Masuizaki Powder in the sidebar.

P. 167. The last sentence should read "Aspirin is more effective at relieving the symptoms of hangover, but can cause dangerous levels of upset to the sensitive lining of a hangover victim's stomach."

P. 190. The italic text under The Rule of 16 – Resistance Rolls should read:

If the subject is a living being, the attacker's effective skill cannot exceed the higher of 16 or the subject's actual resistance, thus eliminating "automatic victory."