Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Compendium II (Third Printing) – Updated March 13, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 22. In the last sentence under Light Cloak, change "attacker" to "cloak wielder."

P. 29. In the sidebar under "Yanagiba or Willow-Leaf", change "broad cutting head" to "narrow, impaling head".

P. 31. Replace the Gladius paragraph with:

Gladius: A stabbing shortsword, issued to all Roman legionaries. Used with Shortsword skill. Optionally, legionary training gives +1 for thrusting attacks and -1 to skill for swinging attacks.

P. 32. Replace the Fuxina paragraph with:

Fuxina: This was a trident wielded by Roman Gladiators. It is used with Spear skill at no penalty. Those who are unfamiliar with it (see sidebar, p. B43) have a -2 to use it until they have sparred for 8 hours. The three points and extra weight give it some properties different from a spear: opponents are at -1 to Dodge a fuxina but +1 to Parry or Block (the Dodge penalty can facilitate catching fish with this weapon!). It does thrust+3 damage one-handed and thrust+4 two-handed. Armor DR is doubled against the fuxina, and it cannot be hurled. Weight is 5 lbs.

P. 42. Under Segmented Armor, add the following sentence to end of the second paragraph: "It is unlikely that Roman legionaries wore leather armor, though the statistics for leather versions of their segmented armor are fine for an alternate setting."

P. 44. In the fourth sentence under Infantry Combat Armor (beginning "Articulate plates of BPC . . .") the DR and PD values have been switched. It should be PD 6, DR 50.

P. 89. In the sidebar Very Basic Melee Combat, under the second paragraph of Attack, Defense, Damage, add the parenthesized phrase "(or the difference in the amount if they both succeed)" between the phrases "the amount his foe made the roll by," and "up to the maximum damage".

P. 139. Replace the sidebar entry on Botulin with the following:


Seven deadly toxins are produced by Clostridium botulinum, the bacterium which causes botulism, a lethal form of food poisoning. Collectively known as "botulin toxins" or simply "botulin," these substances are candidates for the most deadly poison known: less than three 8-ounce cups could kill the entire human population of the Earth.

Symptoms of botulin poisoning show in 2d hours, and include blurred vision, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, weakness, and shortness of breath. A dose of botulin will be lethal in 1d/2 days (round up) unless a HT-2 roll is made, in which case effects are limited to 4d damage.

This toxin is rare and highly illegal. If the authorities find botulin in an agent's possession, he will be treated as a terrorist. A lethal dose costs at least $200, if available at all.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supply an antitoxin which can halt the effects of the poison. This is relatively easy to obtain for any legitimate intelligence agency. It reduces the effects to 4d damage, or 2d damage if the HT-2 roll is made. $10 per dose.

Pp. 145-148. The first line of the Radiation Effects Table (p. 147) should read "1 to 10 rads", not "Up to 10 rads". This change is to agree with GURPS Transhuman Space. A HT roll is required when a dose of 1 rad or more is received. For doses under 1 rad, a HT roll is made only when the accumulated dose increases by 1 rad (e.g., someone receiving 1/4 rad per day must roll vs. HT every 4 days, not every day).