Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Conan Beyond Thunder River – Updated May 28, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

NOTE: An earlier errata sheet, focused only on this supplement's maps (pp. 62-63), is available here.

Pp. 4-5. Zogar Sag actually stole the mule-train by himself, to prove himself to his people. The bodies described in the next-to-last paragraph aren't necessarily headless. The Fort Tuscelan scouts aren't really experienced in fighting the Picts.

P. 10. In entry 58, delete the reference to the Healing Chart.

P. 22. In entry 180, when determining tribes, roll for Picts as a whole, not for each Pict.

P. 27. In entry 240, having gained the PlotWord VALOROUS, you lose the PlotWord BRAVE. This holds true anywhere else you gain the PlotWord VALOROUS, as well.

P. 29. In entry 256, if you land on something soft, you take only 2d-10 damage.

P. 31. In entry 274, the body is not necessarily headless.

P. 41. In entry 377, place the woman at C and the eastern adjacent hex. Also, roll 2 dice at the beginning of every turn (next paragraph).

P. 43. End entry 391 with "Turn to 326."

P. 44. In entry 412, you are at I, not J.

P. 53. In paragraph 510, If you are in (not adjacent to) a river hex . . .

P. 53. In paragraph 514, the body is not necessarily headless.

Pp. 62-63. North is always at the top of the page for all maps unless otherwise indicated.

P. 62. Replace the Area Map with the one linked here.

On Combat Map A, shift the "E" one hex to the left, above the hex with "W9".

On Combat Map C, add "1" two hexes to the left of the hex with "6".

P. 63. The titles for Combat Maps F and G have been reversed. The correct versions of the maps are available: Map F (with additional changes) and Map G.

Add the following just below On the Area Map:

The river is not as wide as shown. After crossing the river a character is still in the same (river) hex until he moves again.
H is high ground.
P is the Pict Patrol.

Change the page reference in the final paragraph under On Combat Maps A and D to p. B123.

In the final paragraph under On Combat Map C and E, replace "1-3 damage" with "1 to 3 points of damage" and replace "1-1" with "1d-1".

Under On Combat Map F, the page reference should be to p. B91.

P. 64. On Conan's character sheet, the chainmail hauberk includes padded cloth, and thus costs $260 and weighs 31 lbs. Also, he has a Climbing skill of 16, raising his total point cost to 527.