Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Cyberpunk (Fourth Printing) – Updated September 30, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Pp. 3, 110-111, 127. Change all instances of "Legality Rating" to "Legality Class".

P. 26. Computer Hacking defaults to Computer Programming-4 or Computer Operation-8. It is a /TL skill.

P. 30. Under Installation and Removal, replace the first two paragraphs with the following:

The operation to install a bionic part costs $20,000 ($30,000 for an eye), unless otherwise stated for the particular device. A roll against the lower of Surgery and Electronics (Bionics) is required to attach a bionic part. Bionic eyes are harder - a further -2 to the roll; a full body is -5. Failure has the same effects as any other surgical failure (see p. B56) and may damage or destroy the bionic part. At the GM's option, a critical failure may result in a part that was seemingly properly attached, but will later malfunction catastrohically (under conditions of the GM's choice). A month of bed rest is necessary to allow the nerves/electrodes time to mesh.

Simple implants require a roll against Surgery+3 for the operation, take 30 mniutes, and require two hours to heal afterwards before the implant can be used. Hiring someone to perform the operation costs 10% of the implant's costs.

Complex implants require a successful Surgery and Electronics (Bionics) roll. The operation takes three hours, plus a day in bed to recuperate. Failure destroys the implant; critical failure causes neurological injury, resulting in a loss of 1 point of DX; other effects (such as physical disadvantages or a dangerously malfunctioning implant) may be substituted at the GM's discretion. Hiring someone to do the operation costs 20% of the implant's cost, unless otherwise stated for the particular implant.

Simple implants include Poison Resevoirs, Stingers, Biomonitors, Cortex Bombs, Pockets, Radio Reception, Redio Descrambler, Broadcast, Cellular Links, and Speakers. All others are complex.

P. 32. Under Leg, add an example: Two +25% bionic legs will increase Move by 50% and Dodge by 25%.

P. 34. The cost for Full Metal Jacket is 3 points per point of DR, not 10.

Under Full Metal Jacket, change the second sentence in the second paragraph to read: "Triple monetary cost and raise the point cost by 20% if the character wishes a "normal" appearance."

P. 37. Under Subsonics, a subsonic broadcast unit costs 20 points, not 5.

Under Ultrasonics, a supersonic broadcast unit costs 25 points, not 5.

Note that the Radar available here is advanced imaging radar, and provides optical-quality information.

P. 40. Skill Chips have a point cost equal to 1/2 of the points granted by the chip.

In the example under Skill Chips change the third sentence to read: "If the user already had Metallurgy at IQ-1 or higher, it would increase his effective skill by 4 levels - 2 character points per level."

Reflex Chips have a point cost equal to 1/2 of the points granted by the chip. Their dollar cost is twice that of an equivalent skip.

P. 41. Under Neural Cyberdeck Interface the page reference should be p. 72.

P. 53. Under Electronic Locks, replace the second and third paragraphs with the following text:

Picking an electronic lock requires either a set of electronics tools (a mini-toolkit will do; see p. 52) or an electronic lockpick (see p. 55), though a variety of more exotic lockpicks are available at different TLs. Use the rules on p. B67 to pick the lock, with a -5 for each TL by which the lock exceeds the TL of the picklock or lockpicking tools.

An electronic lock uses building power or can run for a year on an A cell; most have a cell that automatically takes over if power is interrupted. The lock weighs ½ pound.

A number combination (keypad) lock (TL7+) costs $100.

An infrared or laser "key" system (TL8+) gives -2 on Lockpicking rolls, and costs $200. Each doubling of price and weight gives an additional -1 to Lockpicking, to a maximum of -5. A laser or IR "key" costs ¼ the lock's price; it is negligible in weight and is powered by an AA cell. (The cell would last for one year of continuous use, but few are turned on constantly. Only the most forgetful user is liable to let his key run down.)

P. 60. In the fourth printing only, replace the 3½s with 3~s in the RoF column.

P. 65. Under Program Storage, replace the second sentence of the third paragraph with this one: "Increasing the final cost of a computer system by 50% multiplies the number of slots by 1.5."

Under Increased Skill, replace the second paragraph with this one:

"For each extra +1 to the program's skill or skill bonus, double the cost and increase complexity by 1. For instance, a Targeting program (Complexity 1, $1000) has a skill bonus of +2. A +3 version would be Complexity 2, $2000; +4 would be Complexity 3, $4000; and +5 would be Complexity 4, $8000. See Skill Chips, p. 40, for information about chip-in skills."

P. 66. The Targeting program gives +2 to the skill of a human gunner.

P. 75. Under Final Cost, the point cost in Example 1 is 26, not 13. The dollar cost in Example 2 is $29,250,000, not $31,500,000.

P. 110. In the second paragraph of the Control Rating (CR) sidebar, change the page reference to p. 111.

P. 111. In the second paragraph of the Legality Rating sidebar, change the page reference to p. 110.