Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Cyberworld (Second Printing) – Updated April 5, 2001

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 9. Hurricane Abner hit seaboard cities from Charleston, South Carolina to Baltimore, Maryland.

P. 43. The Mexican states that make up Mexico Libre are Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas (not Oaxaca). Replace "the treaty of Oaxaca" with "the treaty of Tuxtla Gutiérrez".

P. 44. In The Upper 48 map, the Alaska inset should reflect its union with the Yukon Territory (as per p. 11).

P. 67. Replace capo di tutti capi with capo di tutti i capi.

P. 68. Replace omerta with omertá.

Replace la Familia with la Famiglia.

P. 99. Under the Cyberwear Availability sidebar, the Neural Cyberdeck Interface has an availability of U-VR. See pp. 121-2 for details.

P. 104. Under Modifying Lasers, change the page references UT21-24 and UT22-24 to UT48-49 to reflect the new arrangement in the Revised Ultra-Tech.

P. 105. Under Grenades, 20mm grenades weigh 1/2 pound, not 1.2 pounds.

P. 107. Add the following explanatory text before the table:

Ranged Weapons

Malf: The die roll on which the weapon malfunctions.

Crit. means that the weapon malfunctions only on a critical miss when the roll on the Critical Miss table indicates a malfunction.

Ver. means that the weapon requires a verification roll, another roll against skill. Any failure is the malfunction from the table; any success is simply a miss.

Ver.(Crit.) means that the verification roll must be another critical miss for the weapon to malfunction. Any other result is simply a miss.

Type: The type of damage the weapon does - impaling (imp.), crushing (cr.), an explosion (exp.), or a special effect (spcl. - see the description of the weapon).

Damage: The number of dice of damage the weapon does. A number in parentheses, e.g., (5), means the weapon is very good at piercing armor - the target's DR is divided by that number before subtracting from the weapon's damage.

SS: This is the snap-shot number, the final to hit number necessary to avoid a snapshot penalty of -4 without at least one turn of aiming.

Acc: The weapon's accuracy modifier. See p. B115.

1/2D: The range at which the accuracy modifier of the weapon drops to zero and its damage is halved. For weapons like grenade launchers, this range may be shown as a dash, indicating that damage is never halved; in this case, Acc drops to zero at half the maximum range.

Max: The maximum range of the weapon.

Wt.: The weight in pounds of a loaded weapon, including magazine. Power slugs are not included.

RoF: The rate of fire of the weapon. The number is the number of shots it can fire each turn. If the number is greater than one, the weapon is capable of automatic fire, i.e., that many shots will be fired if the trigger is held down for the entire turn. A ~ indicates a weapon that is not automatic, but can fire up to the indicated number of times per turn. All automatic weapons are capable of selective fire; they may fire either automatically or with RoF 3~.

Shots: This is the number of shots the weapon's magazine holds. A /B, /C, /D or /E refers to shots per power slug. It takes three turns to replace a magazine.

ST: The minimum ST required to avoid an extra turn of readying the weapon after it is fired, and extra recoil penalties.

Rcl: The recoil penalty of the weapon (p. B119).

Cost: The retail price of the weapon.

LC: The legality class of the weapon.

Pp. 107-108. The last column should be labelled LC for Legality Class.

Replace all RoF 2s and 3s with 2~ and 3~.

P. 107. The columns in the Assault Weapons section are off. Use this table:

Weapon MalfTypeDamageSSAcc1/2D MaxWt.RoFShotsSTRclCostLC
SOG G7 Carbine 5.5mm vercr5d1112500 38006.510408-15501
FE-AC 7.7mm Carbine vercr6d1212500 37007.251030/309-210001
FE-AR 7.7mm Rifle ver(crit)cr7d14141050 47008.251030/3010-245001
NATArms M-23 5.5mm vercr7d1313900 44007.51030/3010-142501
MoskArm AK-107 7.7mm ver(crit)cr6d+114141000 450081030/3011-240001

P. 108. Under Lasers, the FE Hellwaffen L-10 laser pistol gets 20/C shots, the FE Hellwaffen L-20 has RoF 4~, and the NATArms PL5 has RoF 4.

P. 118. Under Sensors, replace the sentence that begins "The name of the required control program . . ." with:

"Most computer-controlled sensors require only an Internal Security (p. C66) program, which simply lets the computer know a sensor has been tripped. If the computer must analyze data from the sensor, use Audio Analysis, Chemical Analysis, E-Lock, Optical Recognition, or (for other sensors) Electronics Operation (Sensors) Expert System."

Pp. 121-122. Change all instances of "Legality Rating" to "Legality Class".

P. 122. Marquee Interfaces have a Legality Class of 6, not 3. Cyberdecks have a Legality Class of 3, not 4.

P. 124. The programs listed in Computer Programs can be found in other books, mostly. Some are new.

The Legality column under Cyberdeck Software is wrong. Replace 5 with 1, 4 with 2, 2 with 4, and 1 with 5. 3 is unchanged.