Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Dinosaurs – Updated August 12, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 28. Under Parts of the Body, a HT roll is necessary to avoid decapitation if the neck takes over HT (not HT/3) damage from an edged weapon.

P. 53. A Typical Hadrosaur should weight 2-3 tons.

P. 57. Amargasaurus was discovered in 1984.

P. 69. The Megatherium's damage should be 3d cut.

P. 75. At the end of the Hyena entry (continued from the previous page), the page reference should be to B134, not B116.

P. 88. The Languages section (continued from the previous page) should conclude "except for Cro-Magnon languages, which are Mental/Average."

In the H. Habilis Height and Weight Table sidebar, the page reference should be to B15, not B13.

P. 89. Under Advantages and Disadvantages, IQ -3 is -20 points.

P. 91. Homo erectus are -45 points. Homo ergaster are still -40 points. In the Advantages and Disadvantages add Sense of Duty (Tribe) -5 for H. erectus only.

P. 111. Add the following to the end of the first paragraph under Languages: ", except for Cro-Magnon languages, which are Mental/Average."

P. 114. Under Ranged Weapons, replace the Spear Thrower entry with this one:

WeaponTypeAmountRangesCostWeightMin ST
SPEAR THROWER (DX-4 or Spear Throwing-4)
Atlatl$202 lbs.
w/Dartimpsw-1111ST×3ST×4$201 lb.none
w/Javelinimpsw+1113ST×2ST×3$302 lbs.7
w/Spearimpsw+3122ST×1.5ST×2$404 lbs.9

P. 127. The index entry for Ceratosaurus should be p. 29, not p. 36

Add an entry for Creodonts, p. 64

Add entry for Diatryma, p. 71

P. 128. The Megatherium index entry should be p. 69, not p. 82