Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Dragons – Updated December 18, 2007

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P. 17. In the first paragraph under Heraldic Dragons, the second sentence should read:

"The Welsh crest still includes a red dragon, while 'the terrible standard of the dragon' was borne before the army of Richard the Lionheart in an attack at Messina in 1190, and the Black Prince fought under a dragon standard at Crecy in 1346."

New! Pp. 76-78. Multiple sentences refer to "rounds" in combat. These references should always be replaced with "turns" as GURPS does not use rounds. See specifically:

P. 145. Professor Friedl's Mechanical Dragon accidentally lost its "Variations" section to the Solitary Wanderer on p. 151. Take that section from that entry and place it after this entry's "Disadvantages".

New! P. 146. The Monstrous Western Dragon template has an Enhanced Move 1 1/2 (Air); the point cost does not change.

P. 151. The Solitary Wanderer lists "Variations"; this section actually relates to Professor Friedl's Mechanical Dragon on p. 145, but somehow became detached. Move it back to a position after that entry's "Disadvantages" on p. 145.