Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Espionage – Updated April 24, 2013

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P. 5. In the second paragraph, tone down the limit on attributes to: "Characters should not be permitted more than 100 points in basic attributes, and the GM may limit this to 80."

P. 21. The Cryptanalysis skill is Mental/Hard. High-tech cryptanalysis may not be attempted by default, though simple ciphers may be solved with a roll of Mathematics-3 or IQ-5.

P. 96. French Intelligence Services, Deuxième Bureau:In the second paragraph, the Secret Service is the Service de Renseignements. The other agency of the Special Services is the Contre-Espionnage. The DST is the Direction de la Sécurité du Territoire. The last part of the SDECE is also Contre-Espionnage. (In the last paragraph, it's Charles de Gaulle, with a space.)

P. 102. Change FBI (Federal Bureau of Information) to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

New! P. 114. The entry on DEFCON should read:

DEFCON: Defense Condition. A rating of the country's readiness to go to war. DEFCON ratings run from 5, or peacetime laxity, to 1, a state of full alert.