Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Fantasy Folk (First Edition) – Updated July 8, 1996

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 17. Catfall costs 10 points.

The cost for Claws should be 15/40/55 points.

Clinging costs 25 points.

P. 17-18. DR costs 3/2/1/½/¼ points/level, respectively.

P. 18. Doesn't Breathe costs 20 points.

Doesn't Eat or Drink costs 10 points.

Extra Fatigue cost 3 points/level.

Extra Hit Points cost 5 points/level.

Under Flight, the reference to Winged Flight should be to p. 24.

Under Full Coordination, the reference to natural attacks should be to pp. 25-26.

P. 19. Immortality costs 140 points. (100+10+15+15).

Immunity to Poison costs 15 points.

P. 21. Nictating Membrane costs 10 points per level.

P. 22. Reduce the cost of Sensitive Touch to 10 points.

Reduce the cost of Perfect Balance to 15 points.

P. 23. Ultrasonic Hearing costs 5 points.

P. 83. In the sidebar, the flight speed of the sample character should be 12. Also add: Great Eagles' feathers contain mana and can be used as spell ingredients.

P. 120. In the racial packages for Wildmen and Sasquatch, PD costs 25 points per level, not 5. As such, the Wildman package now costs 30 points, and the Sasquatch package costs 70 points.