Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Fantasy (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

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Throughout the book: Low-mana areas reduce Power by five, not six.

Pp. 4, 9, 12. The critical miss rules are the same as for the rest of the system: 17 or 18 or 10 over the needed roll (not 5).

P. 4. The sidebar should begin, "The higher your basic skill with a spell . . . " At the end of the sidebar, add, "Note that the time to cast a missile spell is not reduced by skill."

P. 6. Strike Dumb has a maintenance cost of 2; the caster must spend 2 more energy points to maintain it at the end of the first turn. Note also that if the cost-to-maintain comes out to be a fraction, round up.

P. 7. Under Spell Classes: Spells are divided into eight classes, not seven; add Enchantment to the list.

P. 8. In the sidebar, under Ranged Attack Weapons, the reference to pp. B102-106 should be to pp. B114-122.

Under Missile Spells, the second skill roll is against the caster's DX-3, not DX.

P. 9. Under Resisted Spells, third paragraph from the bottom, first sentence: Change to: ". . . the subject makes the resistance roll by the amount by which the skill roll succeeded, or more, the spell has no effect . . ."

Under Resisted Spells: Scryward should read Scryguard and Force Dome should read Utter Dome.

P. 10. Replace the first two paragraphs with:

Resistance by or against Area Spells: If an old area spell can resist the spell being cast, or a new area spell can be resisted by people ot things in the area, make the normal spell-skill roll to see if the new spell is cast. If it is, each subject in the area rolls separately to see whether he (or it) succumbs to the new spell.

Examples: A Divination spell is cast with an adjusted skill of 17. The target is in an area protected by a Scrywall (an area spell) which was cast with a skill of 20. The caster rolls an 8 (succeeding by 9). The GM rolls for the Scrywall, getting a 14 (succeeding by 6). The Divination did better that the Scrywall, so the caster can "see" his subject. The Scrywall is now weakened by 1, and thus has an effective skill of 19 if it has to resist another spell.

Under Another Example, IQ should be HT.

P. 12. The Power of an item must be 15 or above for it to work.

In Quick and Dirty Enchantment, a minimum of one hour is required.

The reference to p. 12 in the sidebar should be changed to p. 11.

In the sidebar, an item of Power 21+ costs four times basic cost.

Under Power of a Magic Item, replace "an Arrow" with "a Wand."

P. 16. Under Seek Earth, use the long-distance modifiers, not the standard ones.

P. 19. The Prerequisites for Breathe Water and Destroy Water appear on p. 21, not p. 18.

P. 21. Under Flaming Missile, change "as above" to "Flaming Weapon."

P. 22. Under Sound and Voices, delete references to Spellbond.

P. 23. Under Restore, the prerequisites are either Weaken or Simple Illusion.

P. 25. Note that no concentration is needed to maintain Illusion Disguise.

P. 26. In the Soul Rider description, add: "Subject is not aware of the Soul Rider, except on a critical failure."

The subject of a Mind-Search may be asleep; language is also no barrier.

Under Mind-Search, the duration of the spell is 1 minute.

P. 29. Under Lend Health, Cost is 1 per point of health loaned.

The durations for Sterilize and Major Healing are reversed.

P. 31. Under Animation, it is also triple cost to animate metal.

P. 32. Under Bravery, the class should be Area instead of Regular.

The prerequisite for Foolishness is IQ 12+.

P. 35. In Crystal-Gazing under Divination, p. 00 should refer to p. 47.

P. 37. Under Shapeshifting, replace "in the Basic Set," with "on pp. F87-88."

P. 38. Under Create Food, the prerequisite should be Seek Food, not Find Food.

P. 39. Under Apportation, the first paragraph should end "(but see Poltergeist below)."

The Poltergeist range increment is 3 yards.

P. 41. Strike Dumb has a duration of 1 second.

P. 42. Resist Pain: The subject does not lose DX or slow down because of lost HT.

P. 44. Remove Curse can also nullify a Hex.

Pp. 44-47. Under Enchantment Spells, replace all the Prerequisites that say Enchantment with Enchant.

Pp. 45-46. A Dancing Weapon fights as though wielded by a person with ST 10, or the minimum ST for that weapon, whichever is greater.

P. 47. Under Crystal Ball, change the prerequiste "Crystal Ball" to "Crystal-gazing."

P. 49. Under Alchemical Laboratories, the scale for the professional lab is in yards.

P. 49. The effects of Orpheus last for 1d hours.

P. 51. Since Caithness is a low-mana area, the example given for the number of people to know spells is wrong. 1 in 50 might know a spell or two in a high-mana area, 1 in 100 in a normal-mana area, 1 in 500 in a low-mana area. Perhaps half these people possess Magical Aptitude. Of course, some people with Magical Aptitude, especially in low-mana areas, will never learn magic or even become aware of their talent.

The number of trained mages, or mages in training, is much lower - perhaps one for every 10 "amateurs." Thus, in a normal-mana area, a prosperous town of 10,000 souls could expect to have 100 inhabitants who had a touch of magic, and 10 more who were "professional." Some of the latter would be apprentices or specialists.

P. 57. First paragraph, second sentence: Caithness is to the west, not to the east.

Under Megalos Society: the p. 00 reference should be p. 53.

P. 62. In the second paragraph of The Mælstrom sidebar, replace the last sentence with: "Successful prediction of the Mælstrom's location, either through magic or Weather Sense (again at -6), will let a captain make it in three days."

P. 64. Under Cardiel Society, change the last word in the first paragraph to "Megalos".

P. 76. Under Magical Resistance, "Crystal Ball" should be replaced by "Divination".

P. 77. Falconry is a Mental/Average skill.

Under Jobs and Income, standard starting wealth is $1,000.

P. 83. Under Minotaurs, Hideous Appearance gives a -4 on all reaction rolls, not -3.

P. 84. Under Fighting with Dragons, replace "Jump Back" with "Retreat" and replace "See Fire" with "See Heat and Flame."

P. 86. Under Shapeshifters, the change between forms can be made at will and takes 3 seconds.

P. 87. While in beast shape, the shapeshifter can understand, but not speak, human language.

Under Injury and Regeneration, Silver-headed arrows cost 5 times the normal cost.

P. 88. A vampire is immune to poisons.

A were-eagle has a wingspan of 12 feet, and does 1d-1 impaling damage.

P. 89. In the Shapeshifting sidebar, the were-eagle reference should be to p. 88.

P. 91. Treat aim (under combat maneuvers) as for vehicles, instead of the way listed. (If the Basic Set, Third Edition, is available, ignore Fantasy p. 91 and use the BSIII Flight chapter instead.)

Raphæl Holyoak's character sheet

Spell Table


Bravery: The class should be Area instead of Regular.

Breathe Water: P. 21.

Create Food: Prerequisites are Cook and Seek Food.

Crystal Ball: One prerequisite is Divination (Crystal Gazing).

Foolishness: IQ 12+ is a prerequisite.

Lend Strength: Time to cast is one second, not one minute.

Mind-Search: The duration of the spell is 1 minute.

Restore: Prerequisites are either to Weaken or Simple Illusion.