Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Fantasy (Second Edition, Second and Third Printing) – Updated November 11, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 8. In the second paragraph under The Present, the Caithness wagons are rolling eastward.

P. 17. In the first paragraph under Slavery, the page reference is B193.

P. 25. In the first paragraph, Cardiel has two Archbishops and Megalos six.

P. 124. Under Weres, the change from human to beast form, or vice versa, takes 2d seconds.

Pp. 126-131. The statistic under Speed/Dodge in each creatures entry is PD/DR, not DX. Some entries include a "#" mark - this indicates that exceptions exist, and the description should be consulted.

P. 144. Replace the Language entry with the following:

Languages, human, 11, 91; nonhuman, 11, 36; Anglish, 11; Arabic, 11; Aralaise, 57; Bilitic, 60; Dragonese, 126; Elder Races, 36; Goblin, 38, 42; Hebrew, 11; Hobgoblin Pidgin, 121; Kobold, 39; Ladino, 11; Latin, 11; Northland, 11; Orcish, 68; Reptile Men, 68; Sahudese, 11; Traders' Tongue, 38.

Delete the Old Goblin entry.

Delete the Traders' tongue entry.

Map insert. In Al-Haz, replace Gebel Al-Hickman with Gebel al-Hikmah.