Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Grimoire (First and Second Printing) – Updated October 2, 2000

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 5. Under Size of Area Affected, radius 8 affects 169 hexes.

P. 18. Under Alter Voice, the reference for Imitate Voice should be to p. 93.

Pp. 18, 109. Under Lengthen Limb change duration to 1 minute and time to cast to 5 seconds.

Pp. 31, 107 Burning Death has a Time to Cast of 3 seconds and a Duration of 1 second.

Pp. 37, 110. Resist Acid has a cost to maintain of half its cost to cast.

P. 60. Botanomancy has prerequisites of 4 spells each from Fire and Plant.

Pp. 60, 120. Change the prerequisite for the Sympathetic Tidings divination from Seeker to Sense Danger.

P. 65. Add to the Sunbolt description:

"Sunbolt is not affected by Missile Shield or Reverse Missiles. Force Dome will still offer protection. In a world where laser attacks are common, some sort of blocking spell effective against Sunbolt and mundane lasers would probably exist."

P. 69. Enlarge Object's cost is 1 per pound of original weight to double weight, and double cost for each subsequent doubling of weight.

P. 80. Under Pull, cost to maintain is the same as the cost to cast.

Under Repel, cost to maintain is the same as the cost to cast, and replace "Base Cost" with "Cost".

P. 85. Under Astral Block, cost to maintain is half that of cost to cast.

P. 86. Under Steal Skill, add a note that it may not be maintained.

Steal Attribute: The subject must be an intelligent, living being. The caster cannot lower the subject's score below the subject's racial average (10 for a human). This means that the subject must have an exceptional score for one of these spells to work.

Pp. 88-90, 108-111. Replace "Shape Plants" with "Shape Plant" in the listings for Plant Vision, Pollen Cloud, Rain of Nuts, False Tracks, and Walk Through Plants.

P. 91. Under Detect Poison, add a note that this is also a Healing spell.

P. 98. Under Animate Machine, cost to maintain is half that of cost to cast.

P. 99. Under Energy Spells, a fuel's TL is determined by TLs in which people burn it to power machines. If a fuel has more than one TL, assume the TL most favorable to the mage when calculating penalties.

The following table brings the Energy Sub-College in line with GURPS Vehicles:

Revised Power Equivalents
A Cell (TL 8)0.1fatigue
B Cell (TL 8)1   fatigue
C Cell (TL 8)10   fatigue
D Cell (TL 8)100   fatigue
E Cell (TL 8)1000   fatigue
1 MWH10000   fatigue
1 KWH10   fatigue
3400 btu10   fatigue
360 KW1   fatigue/second
18 MW50   fatigue/second
965 Horsepower2   fatigue/second

Power cells hold 50% more energy per TL beyond 8. All power cells in the examples are assumed to be TL 8.

P. 100. Stop Power is not a /TL spell.

Lend Power/TL: Change the examples paragraph to read:

Examples: A large vapor canteen runs for a month on an E cell; this amounts to about 1 fatigue every 45 minutes. A holobelt runs for a day on a B cell, which amounts to less than 1 fatigue per hour, so the minimum cost applies. A blaster pistol gets 20 shots out of a C cell: 1 fatigue for every 2 shots (round up). A Gauss needler pistol fires 100 needles on a B cell; given that its maximum RoF of 12 uses only 12% of 1 fatigue, and 100 rounds could last for days, the GM could rule that the minimum cost in this case is 1 fatigue per turn of firing.

P. 101. Add the following rule to the cost of Propel: Divide the required MW/Horsepower/etc. by the mage's skill before converting it to required fatigue cost. The minimum is now 1 per 10 minutes. There is no other cost reduction for high skill.

Under Conduct Power the maximum power a mage may safely conduct is HT × (Magery Squared) divided by four, in Megawatts. Round to the nearest MW. The example mage could handle 9 MW. Delete "sunshine" from the list of sources.

Also under Conduct Power, replace the first three sentences in the sixth paragraph with:

The blaster normally draws power from a C cell, at an equivalent rate of 1/2 fatigue per shot. With a top Rate of Fire of 3, this means that the heaviest power strain that a blaster requires is 1-1/2 per second – the equivalent of a steady stream of 0.5 megawatts, since a single MW is the rough equivalent of 3 fatigue per turn! A mage would probably need Magery 2 to power a gatling laser, and only those with Magery 3 have a hope of powering heavy, ship-mounted weapons.

Steal Power allows a mage to steal power from a stored power source. Draw Power has only one subject, the caster. The example Magery-2 mage with a 40 MW supply can draw 111ST per turn.

P. 107. Time to cast for Burning Death is 3 sec., duration is 1 sec.

Under Control Gate, the information in the Energy column belongs in the Prerequisites column. The Energy is "6/3".

P. 108. Remove Keen Touch from the prerequisites for Far Feeling.

P. 109. Lengthen Limb takes 5 sec. to cast and has a duration of 1 min.

P. 110. Resist Acid has an energy cost of 2/h.

P. 115. In the Elemental Water College graph, the prerequisites for Geyser are 6 Water spells and 4 Earth or Fire spells.

P. 119. In the Healing College, Magery is a potential requirement (and should be indicated by half-shading) for all spells except Suspended Animation, Resist Poison, Sterilize, and Resist Disease.

P. 120. Sympathetic Tidings has a prerequisite of Sense Danger.

P. 121. Change the note above Sunbolt from "1 other Light" to "5 other Light".

P. 122. In the chart, Remove Curse should be marked as a Mental Hard spell, not a Mental Very Hard spell.