Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS High-Tech (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Under advice and assistance, Ingrid Kunze, Jerry Self and Bill Crenshaw should be gratefully acknowledged.

P. 3. In the About GURPS sidebar, the number given for the Illuminati BBS system should be (512) 447-4449.

P. 5. Under Soft-Points and Hollow-Points, soft-points do only "normal damage" against DR, but damage that penetrates DR does "1.5 times" damage to the tissue. They are -1 to reliability in auto-loading weapons. "If the target has any DR, it gets +1 to that DR." Hollow-points "are 1/2x damage against" DR.

P. 6. Under Recoil, the last word should be group, not burst.

P. 11. Under Shot, birdshot has 1/10- to 1/4-inch pellets.

P. 13. Under Multiple Projectiles for Artillery, at 21 yards, dispersion is 3 yards, so the area of dispersion is 3^2, or 9 square yards.

P. 13. Under Attacks at Longer Range, replace "If that is negative, the to-hit roll is three" with "Any result of 3 or less means the to-hit roll is 3."

P. 13. Under Attacks at Longer Range, the example should read "50^2 = 2,500."

P. 15. Under Beehive, a failure misses the target by ten yards times the amount the roll was missed by, not times range. 1/2D from the burst is 200 yards.

P. 17. Under Fragmentation Damage, a 155mm HE shell that does 8dx10 damage would have a PD increment of 6 yards.

P. 20. Under Fuses, GMs roll for the Fuse Action against the Demolition skill of the one who set the fuse; there is no Fuse Action table.

P. 19. The rules given for the Monroe Effect and shaped charges were significantly changed in GURPS Ultra-Tech and the second edition of High-Tech.

P. 23. In the Building a Nuclear Device sidebar, the page reference for building a Hiroshima-type bomb should be p. B93.

P. 25. Under Black Powder Weapons, the Explosives chapter is 3, not 5.

P. 36. Delete the third line (See the special weapons section . . .) above Loading and Firing Air Guns.

P. 36. Under Loading and Firing Air Guns, the last sentence of the fourth paragraph should say "on a critical failure they merely split."

P. 43. Under Lighting the Fuse, if there is a misfire, ignore the reference to the (nonexistent) Accidental Explosion Table. Instead, the GM rolls 3 dice. A result of 12 or less means an explosion in that many seconds; a result over 12 means no explosion.

P. 61. The last sentence before Heavy Weapons should refer to the sidebar on p. 58.

P. 68. Under Personal Weapons, explosives are in Chapter 3, not 5.

P. 69. In the first paragraph, only those weapons for which clip loading is listed as an option in the Weapon Descriptions can be clip loaded.

P. 69. Under Rifle Grenades, damage is that of the M72A2 LAW, p. 105.

P. 70. Under Belt-Fed Guns, see the Weapon Descriptions for type of belt used.

P. 70. Flamethrowers are a Physical/Easy skill. Damage from a one-second flame is 3d, not 12 dice.

P. 74. Under Artillery Damage, the references to the Explosives chapter should be to 3, not 6.

P. 75. The reference to Multiple Projectiles should be to Chapter 2, not 5.

P. 82. Under Aircraft and Air Support, the roll to hit the target is against the skill of the Observer, not the gunner. In the example, 700 yards is the Observer's distance from the target; see p. 74.

Pp. 84-85. The extra +/- symbols should be deleted from the text.

P. 97. Under Computers, in the next-to-last paragraph, designing and repairing computer hardware would both require rolls against Electronics (Computers). Design takes much longer, of course!

P. 98. The references to Electronics Engineer should be replaced by Electronics Operations (Security Systems).

P. 100. Under Acc., the reference should be to p. B115.

P. 100. Add the abbreviation LR, for Long Rifle.

P. 101. Under Automatic Pistols, the FN HP35 should have 13+1 shots. The Beretta 92 should have 15+1 shots. The Glock 17 should have 17+1 shots.

P. 101. Under Non-Repeating Pistols, the Wogdon Dueller costs $2,000, not $20.

P. 101. Under Shotguns, the Manton 12g should be listed as TL5. The Heckler & Koch, CAWS should be ST 12, Rcl -2 and Cost $450 (an estimate; none have ever been available on the private market). The Winchester M1897, 12g, 1897, US was omitted from the table. It has Malf crit., Dmg 4d, SS 11, Acc 5, 1/2D 25, Max 150, Wt 9, RoF 3~, Shots 6 + 1, ST 13, Rcl -4, Cost $45 and TL 5.

P. 103. Shots for the Hotchkiss M1914 should be 24. Shots for the Hotchkiss MK1 should be 30. Shots for the Browning M1919A4 should be 250B (not 150B).

P. 104. Under Mortars, the "damage" column was omitted because it depends on which shell is fired rather than the projection system. The text on pp. 123-124 gives information on common shells.

P. 105. Under Anti-Tank Weapons, the Bazooka does 6d×2(10) damage.

P. 111. Under the Ithaca Hammerless Double 10g, in the last sentence, if a shotgun barrel bursts, it does half its normal damage to the firer.

P. 123. Under Commando 60 mm, insert at the end of the paragraph "This uses regular 60mm shells, with the same effects."

P. 126. Under the Milan SACLOS 1966, the last part of the last sentence should read "missiles are an additional $10,000 apiece."

P. 128 (index). Add a listing for Flamethrowers: 70-71, 125.