Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS High-Tech (Third Edition, First Printing) – Updated October 2, 2000

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 4. The abbreviation for Vehicles is VE.

P. 9. In the last paragraph (step 7 of the third example), delete "and is 5 hits away from automatically dying." It's actually 80 hits away from automatically dying (see GURPS Compendium II, p. 153).

P. 13. The first column heading for the table in the sidebar should be "Pounder".

P. 15. The Cartridge table has two misplaced pieces of information. Under the Pistol section, .25 ACP should have a CPS of $0.3, and the "5." at the end of that line should be moved to the beginning of the next line, turning "7×28 mm" into "5.7×28mm." Similarly, under the Rifle section, .44-90, .45-70 should list a CPS of $1. The ".45" at the end of the line should be moved to the beginning of the next line, turning "MH, .50-90" into ".45 MH, .50-90."

P. 25. In the table under Relative Explosive Force, the page reference should be to p. 26.

P. 34. Under Wadding and Cartridge Paper, the page reference should be to p. 35.

P. 60. The caption for the picture at the top of the page should read "Ferguson Action".

P. 63. In the last paragraph under Firing Revolvers and Harmonica-Action Repeaters, double-action revolvers can be fired three times per second, not two.

P. 77. Change the page reference in the last sentence of the first paragraph under Magazines and Loading to "pp. 108-122".

P. 78. Change the parenthetical page reference in the third paragraph under Rifled Slugs to "p. 7".

Change the page reference in the last sentence under Rifle Grenades to "p. 126".

P. 104. In the Heavy Plate sidebar, the Greathelm has DR 20 and weights 8 lbs., the Heavy Corselet has DR 20 and weights 22 lbs., the Arms weight 10 lbs., the Legs have DR 12 and weight 15 lbs., the Sollerets have DR 10. The whole outfit costs $25,000.

P. 108. Under Walther PPK 7.65×17mm Browning (.32 ACP) (Holdout +1), replace the third sentence with: "In 1931, a slightly modified version was introduced under the name PPK (Polizeipistole Kurz, implying that it was the smaller version of the PP, for plain-clothes officers)." The damage of the .22 LR variant is "1d-".

P. 109. At the top of the first column, at the end of the Beretta 92 description, add "The 93R can be made full-auto in an hour with a roll vs. Armoury skill."

Under Glock 17 9×19mm Parabellum (Holdout -1) the damage of the Glock 22 and Glock 21 should be "2d+".

Under Desert Eagle .44 Magnum (Holdout -3) the damage of the .50 AE should be "3d+2+".

Under SIG P229 .40 S&W (Holdout 0), add to the end of the description: ".40 S&W ammo is almost obsolete; most serious users fire 10mm Magnum."

P. 120. The PK 7.62×54mmR has a non-disintegrating belt.

P. 121. Under Grenade Launchers, the damage for the AGS-17 30mm should be "2d-2 (5)", not "2d-2 (10)".

P. 125. Insert this entry next to the last in the Submachine Guns table: FN P-90, 5.7mm×28mm, Malf Crit., 4d Damage, SS 9, Acc 8, 1/2D 275, Max 2200, Wt. 6.5, AWt. 1, RoF 15*, 50 Shots, ST 8, -1 Rcl, $800, TL 7

P. 128. Machine Gun, belt-fed 79; general purpose 79; mechanical 73.