Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Humanx – Updated May 29, 1999

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P. 2. A more current address for Michael Goodwin, writer of "A Guide to the Commonwealth", is 3158 W. 5825 South, Roy, Utah 84067.

P. 38. Under Character Creation, delete the sentences "Though each of these species is very different, both physically and psychologically, all are roughly equivalent to humans. Thus, there is no point cost to be a member of any of these races."

It costs 52 points to play a Thranx. It would cost 27 if the PD were reduced to 1.

P. 41. It costs 0 points to play an Ornithorpe.

P. 42. It costs 18 points to play a Tolian (including 3 points for a lesser Extended Lifespan).

P. 43. It costs -20 points to play an AAnn (including -3 for their inability to adjust their sleep schedule). Their fanged bite does cutting damage (Sharp Teeth) and their clawed hands do an extra +2 damage [but not based on swing] (Claws).

P. 44. Humanx dolphins have ST 16/14 with the No Fine Manipulators limitation, and No Fatigue Bonus limitation on 15+. They have IQ +1, DX +2, HT +2, Alertness +3, Absolute Direction, Enhanced Move, Nictating Membrane, Peripheral Vision, Pressure Support, Sonar Vision, Dependency (Air, Hourly), Impulsiveness, No Manipulators, Primitive -9, Short Lifespan ×2, Acrobatics at DX, and Gesture at IQ. It costs 35 points to play a dolphin.

P. 45. It costs -52 points to play a Tran in a Commonwealth campaign. In a Tran-ky-ky campaign, Reduced Move on land -2, Social Stigma (Barbarian), and Primitive -6 would be eliminated, and it would cost 3 points to play a Tran.

P. 47. It costs -35 points to play a Saia.

It costs -60 points to play a Mai.

It costs -40 points to play a Tsla.

P. 53. Here is the ranged-weapon chart using Third Edition rules.

Charged-particle PistolCr2d+11041007501-1103~83
Dart PistolSpcl.Spcl.104503001-1203~73
Electrocution GunSpcl.Spcl.1085025002-15183
Hornet VIImp.1d+21061003008001-11003~83
Laser PistolImp.1d97200500100020204*83
Thranx NeedlerImp.2d104300800200050203~82
Neuronic PistolSpcl.Spcl.1061020225020253~90
Paralysis BeamerSpcl.Spcl.6825150020153~96
Paxton VExpl.3d+3142030005000157061/270
MHW ShockerCr.1d106152503~84
MHW NeedlerImp.3d106500120003~84
Skimmer LaserImp.5d1012600200003~80

Paxton V missiles do 3d+3 Concussion damage and 2d Fragmentation damage. There are two types of shell, HE and APX. HE explode as soon as they hit a solid target. APX penetrate DR at 7d, then explode. An explosion inside a living target does five times normal damage to that target.

The * indicates that it can be fired at either RoF 3~ (semi-auto with three rolls to hit) or RoF 4 (full-auto with one roll to hit, benefitting from laser autofire rules).

P. 59. Bloodhype is also called "jaster", not "jasper".

P. 67. In the next to last paragraph, the third sentence should read, "It would take more than 60 years to get from Moth to its nearest neighbor, Powerline".

P. 86. In the Akrano sidebar, under Languages, the character has Nomad-12, not Nomad-11.

P. 94. The scale on the map should read 1" = 800 parsecs, 1 parsec = 3.262 light years.

P. 95. The first line in the legend should read "1,850 parsecs by 2,400 parsecs." The scale on the map should read "1" = 380 parsecs, 1 parsec = 3.262 light years."

P. 96. Index: Samstead is mentioned on p. 57, not p. 67.