Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS In Nomine – Updated February 6, 2005

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Note: Readers wishing to read more about sorcery, In Nomine style, may reference Beth McCoy's article on same here.

P. 14. Renegades with Hearts cost -60/-105 points. The Secret preculudes the -15-point Enemy common to most Renegades. The Secret yields that same Enemy should it be revealed (but not before). In the final paragraph, a Secret Heart is a -45 point disadvantage, not -40.

P. 16. Under Remnants, add "Doesn't Fatigue [15]" and "Unaging [15]" to the Advantages list. Then raise the Remnant point cost to "67 or 42 points + Choir/Band Attunements". In the Taboo Traits section, add "any resonance" to the end of the list.

P. 17. In the Celestial Character Creation Checklist, change step 1 to: "1. Start with the basic celestial template (p. 9) or the Remnant template (p. 16)." Remove the reference to Remnants in Step 6.

P. 32. To the last sentence of the Resonance description, add "and have a prerequisite of Power Investiture (Celestial)."

P. 40. Replace the Choir/Band Cost Table with the following:

Choir Template Total   Band Template Total
Seraphim 26 506   Balseraphs 26 506
Cherubim 26 506   Djinn 10 490
Ofanim 25 505   Calabites 28 508
Elohim 20 500   Habbalah 25 505
Malakim 35 515   Lilim 34 514
Kyriotates 175 655   Shedim 66 546
Mercurians 10 490   Impudites 34 514
Grigori 24 504  

P. 41. Under the Superior Attunement Cost Tables, a Shedite of Haagenti pays 3 points, not 6.

P. 71. In the Shedite Resonance box: In front of the last paragraph of the first column (the one beginning "A Shedite may leave its host at will"), add this sentence and change the next thusly:

If the host is knocked unconscious, the demon will be ejected from its "ride" 30 minutes later. It may also leave its host at will. Either way, it will be in celestial form (with the attendant disturbance; see p. 137).

Shedim cost 66 points.

P. 105. At the top of the first column, Malakim pay 25 points and Kyriotates pay 33.

P. 110. Remove the "restricted" tag from the Calabim band attunement.

P. 140. In the second paragraph under the Opposing Resonance box, it should be "Success by 0-2".

Add the following paragraph just above the illustration: "Success by 9+: the range to the nearest yard."

P. 142. Ethereal/Mind Combat: In the last full paragraph of the main text in the second column, change the next-to-last sentence to:

Likewise, calculate basic damage from IQ, not ST; use thrust-2 damage for "unarmed" ethereal attacks. Dodge becomes IQ/2; Increased Speed or similar advantages add normally.

P. 144. The first sentence of the third paragraph under Celestial Combat should be changed to:

In celestial combat, Will substitutes for DX for combat skills, and for ST when calculating basic damage. Dodge becomes Perception/2.

P. 160. Under the Celestial Song of Enchantment, change the second sentence in the first paragraph to read: "It costs 100 Essence for every point of Essence a reliquary holds, to enchant."

P. 164. Under the Ethereal Song of Motion, remove the sentence "It has two uses – one of which is an attack!" from the first paragraph, and the phrase "In the normal use" from the beginning of the second; then combine the two paragraphs into one.

P. 168. The Ethereal Song of Tongues is missing a minus sign, and should be resisted by "Will-Performer's Ethereal Power" (Will minus Performer's Ethereal Power).

P. 169. In the Identifying Artifacts box, replace "Success by 9" with "Success by 9+" and "Success by 10+" with "Critical Success". In the last sentence, replace "critical success" with "favorable Intervention".

P. 171. Under Celestial Artifacts, change the third sentence of the fourth paragraph to "They are also limited to holding no more than 6 Essence."

P. 175. In the first sentence under Skills, strike "Power Investiture (Sorcery)" and put in "Power Investiture (any)".

P. 205. Add the following to the end of the Characteristics section:

(For some GMs, Extra Hit Points do not convey the supernatural sturdiness of vessels; consider adding Injury Tolerance (p. CI58) to suit the desired "feel.")