Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Mage: The Ascension – Updated September 2, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 41. In the Status Table, a Status of 0 corresponds to a Title of Disciple.

P. 44. In the Arete Cost Table, the cost for an Arete level of 8 should be 165 pts., not 170.

P. 47. Under Bardic Lore, the skill used for composing new songs is Musical Composition, not Musical Instrument.

P. 50. In the Sphere Level Cost Table, the cost for Level 1 should be 5(10). The cost for Level 2 should be 25(30).

P. 50. Under the Sphere Level Cost Table, the page reference for Status should be p. 41.

P. 51. Damien's Entropy-13 (2) costs 26 points, and Prime-13 (1) costs 6. Add another level of Avatar to bring his point total back to 400.

P. 55. In the Sphere paragraph, replace the last sentence with: "That Sphere is listed here, and all mages of that Tradition must purchase at least one level of this 'specialty Sphere' (see p. 50)."

P. 86. The last two lines of the Duration Chart should read "6-7 – 1 week" and "8+/Critical – Permanent".

P. 95. Pure Water must be sprinkled by mages of the Celestial Chorus when the Entropy Sphere is used.

Hermetic mages use Showstones for the Mind and Time Spheres.

P. 186. Helstrom's Prime-12 (1) costs 7 points, Spirit-12 (1) 7 points, and Time-12 (2) 27 points. His point total is 405.

P. 187. Rhiannon's spheres cost 6 points each, bringing her point total down to 481.