Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Magic Items 2 (Second Printing) – Updated January 16, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

With the release of GURPS Magic, Second Edition, some page references need updating.

P. 8. In the second paragraph of Aspected Mana and Enchantment, the page reference should be to M94.

P. 8. Under Aspected Mana and Enchantment, the last two paragraphs in that section are supposed to be the first two paragraphs of the following section, Quirking – Optional Rules. Move them to p. 9.

P. 9. Add the following after the Quirk Severity (roll 3d) table:

Limit on how item can be used:

Minor: Some trivial ritual or condition is required (e.g., "Say 'Fly!' to make the amulet lift you").

Moderate: Some non-trivial but easy condition is required (e.g., "User must not be wearing any green"), or the item will only work about half the time, in some predictable way (e.g., "Won't work after dark").

Major: Some difficult condition is required (e.g., "User must sit in a tub of bat blood to invoke item"), or the item will work only about 10% of the time (e.g., "Only within an hour of midnight").

Severe: Some very difficult condition is required (e.g., "User must hop on one foot for six hours before invoking item"), or works less than 1% of the time (e.g., "Only within 10 minutes of midnight during June").

Catastrophic: Item will only work under certain ridiculous circumstances (e.g., "User must walk 5 miles down a city street, backwards, naked and painted blue, before invoking item"), or only a tiny percentage of the time (e.g., "Only during an eclipse of the sun").

P. 20. Under Common Armor Spells, delete the second sentence of the first paragraph ("Many suits have several layers . . .").

P. 21. Under Chainmail Bikini, Component Spells should end "true Bikini – Deflect and Fortify spells."

P. 22. Under Macho Leathers, Component Spells should list Fortify and Deflect instead of Armor and Shield, respectively.

P. 30. The last paragraph of Lullaby Lyre references the "Musical Aptitude" Advantage; it's supposed to be "Musical Ability" (p. B22).

P. 102. In the second paragraph under Juggling Gloves, Juggling is Physical/Easy, not Physical/Hard. Also, delete "DX-5 or" from that same parenthetical reference.

P. 124. The Orb of Life grants Regeneration, not Regrowth.