Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Magic (Second Edition, Third Printing) – Updated January 24, 2000

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 13. In the second paragraph under Resisted Spells, if the subject is a living creature being, the caster's effective skill cannot exceed the higher of 16 or the subject's actual resistance. Similarly, in the sidebar Against Spells replace "(or a skill level of 16, whichever is higher)" with "(cannot exceed the higher of 16 or the subject's actual resistance)".

P. 29. Under Soul Rider, an intelligent being is one with IQ 8 or better.

Persuasion: An intelligent being is one with IQ 8 or better.

P. 39. Swim is described on p. 70, not p. 69.

P. 41. Change the page reference under Rain to p. 35.

P. 42. Under Snow, change the "ß" in the first paragraph and under Item to "°".

P. 44. Change the third sentence of Hideaway to read "The caster may add any amount of pound-capacity he can afford, while increasing the size of the "inside" by 2 cubic feet for each such pound; the extra space may be hidden by a false bottom, etc."

P. 49. Lend Strength's duration is Instant. Lend ST does not have a fatigue cost; rather, it's a cost-free ability to transfer ST from one person (not an item, spell, mana field, etc.) to another on a one-for-one basis.

P. 63. Change the third sentence under Drain Magic to read "Magical spells will end, and magical items will not function until they are removed from the area."

P. 70. Under Air-Golem, delete "or Spellbreak".

P. 77. Under Nightingale, change "Cost" to "Base Cost".

P. 80. Clouds is on p. 35.

Control Elemental is on p. 33.

P. 84. Turn Zombie has a time to cast of 4 seconds.

Weather Dome has a duration of 6 hours.

P. 111. Raphael Holyoak's Knife skill is no longer at default.

P. 113. Demons dissolve into disgusting goo which then vaporizes when they reach -1 HT, not 0 HT. Treat as Unliving (p. CI100).

P. 115. Mages Can Draw Strength from Familiars: The point cost of the familiar depends on the ST of the animal; for every point of ST it has, the mage receives a point of Extra Fatigue (p. CI24), at the usual cost of 3 points/level. This is why small familiars are so much more common!

P. 117. Skull-spirits are created from the life-force of an intelligent being's skull – it need not be human.

P. 119. Under Guilds, in the first paragraph, replace ".^20.^20." with ". . ."

P. 126. Change the index entry for Ceremonial Magic: 14-15; harrassment, 18; magical items, 17, 19