Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Magic (Second Edition, First and Second Printing) – Updated March 29, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 4. For clarity, change the 2nd sentence in the 3rd paragraph of Learning Magic to "Spells are Mental/Hard skills (except for a few, specified in the Spell List, which are Mental/Very Hard)."

P. 17. Under Enchanting: Creating a Magic Item, add this text after the note about Luck, et al.: "Likewise, Divination cannot be used to predict the eventual success or failure of the process. The outcome of an enchantment can be neither predicted nor influenced by magic."

Pp. 27, 82. Hinder is resisted by HT.

P. 32. Flesh to Stone is instantaneous, not permanent.

P. 38. Under Explosive Fireball, delete "(at +4 to hit)". The +4 bonus does not apply to ranged attacks, including missile spells.

P. 50. Minor Healing and Major Healing are instantaneous, not permanent.

P. 51. Resurrection is instantaneous, not permanent.

P. 69. Under Apportation, delete the text "If the caster cannot see the object, normal distance penalties apply (see p. 10) - but the caster must be familiar with an unseen object and its location to move it at all."

Also under Apportation, replace "Lets caster move physical objects without touching them." with "Lets caster move the subject without touching it." Replace all occurrences of "object" with "subject" in the spell description.

P. 71. Under the Teleport table, change the note to read "And so on, at +1 cost and -1 skill for each 10x increase in distance."

Pp. 79, 81. Delayed Message has a prereq of Sense Life, not Detect Life.

Pp. 81, 124. Flight is Very Hard, and should have an asterisk in the Spell Table and heavy border in the Spell Prerequisite Charts.

P. 82. Correct the table: The History spell is on p. 54.

P. 109. Under the Water Family add the Water college.

P. 110. Under Shapeshifters ("Weres"), the change from human to beast form, or vice versa, takes 2d seconds.

P. 111. Raphael Holyoak can buy Stealth-11 for 1½ points from the IQ-5 default. Put ½ point in Knife (giving him Knife-10) to bring him back to 100 points.

P. 112. All of the page numbers in Holyoak's Grimoire are for the first edition. They should be changed to reflect the numbers in the second edition.

P. 114. Elementals have intelligence but no will, and cannot be subverted.