Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – Man to Man – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 7. Combat Reflexes advantage costs 10 points, not 15.

P. 19. Cost to be an Elf is 30 points in Man to Man, but 40 points in GURPS roleplaying, because MTM doesn't use magic.

P. 24. Add the following to the Blocking rule: You may block only attacks made from your front hexes or your shield-side hex (left, unless you are left-handed). A block against a shield-side attack is at a -1. You may block thrown weapons coming from a side hex, but not missile weapons. Modify the Parry rule: Thrown weapons may be parried, but at a -1. Very small weapons – knives, shuriken, etc. – are parried at -2. Add to Dodge: An animal's Dodge score is half its move or half its DX, whichever is better – up to a maximum of 10.

P. 26. The last word of the 4th paragraph in the sidebar should be "fall," not "fail."

P. 33. The last paragraph of Active Defenses says that a stunned person has no active defenses. As stated elsewhere, the correct rule is that a stunned person defends at -4. Note the active-defense changes given above for p. 24.

P. 39. The 8th paragraph of Move Maneuver, Slam contains a "see sidebar" reference. That sidebar is actually on p. 40.

P. 41. It is stated that you cannot use a crossbow whose ST exceeds yours by more than 4. Two clarifications: First, all crossbows have the same cost; you are assumed to buy one of your own strength unless you specify otherwise. Second, that line should have said "cannot cock a crossbow if its ST exceeds yours by more than 4." You can fire it. However (new rule) – if you fire a crossbow whose ST exceeds yours by more than 4, make a roll against ST to retain your footing – with a -1 modifier for every ST point over 4 by which you are too weak for it!

P. 42. The "composite bow" and "crossbow" lines in the table don't agree with those in the main weapon table. The main weapon table is right.

P. 42. Add to Aim maneuver: If you are injured, you must make your IQ roll (Strong Will helps) or lose your aim.

P. 47. The section on Freezing should have specified degrees Fahrenheit.

P. 50. The weight you can knock over should be ST×25, not ST×10. Double this if you get a running start.

P. 57. In the Sample Characters for "Gate Defense" sidebar, Rebel #3 is too weak to use a longbow; give him a regular bow. Rebel #4's large shield reduces his weapon skills by 2, not 1. Rebel #4 has a basic speed of 5 and light encumbrance, so his move should be 4, not 5.

Hand Weapon Table

Minimum ST for a quarterstaff used with Two-Handed Sword skill is 9, not 11. It is a two-handed weapon. Polearms have a default of DX-5. Spears are throwable. A knife has no point-blank range.

Armor Table

Add "Leather torso armor" – PD 2, DR 2, $100, 10 lbs.

Footnote 3 to the "Choosing Armor" table of Instant Fighters should say "all weapon skills," not "all combat skills."

Sample Character Sheets

Villem's halberd damage should be 2d+4 for the swinging cut, 2d+3 for the swinging impale. His crossbow range increment should be only 18.