Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Martial Arts (Second Edition, First Printing) – Updated August 26, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. Lee Gold's last name is misspelled in the Additional Materials byline.

P. 28. Under Enhanced Parry note that it is available to cinematic martial artists who have either the Trained By a Master or the Weapon Master advantage.

Under Weapon Master, note that weapon skills may not be bought up from the improved defaults that this advantage grants.

P. 35. Wrestling skill can also replace DX in an attempt to Grapple a foe.

P. 42. Under Maneuvers, most (not all) special kicks have two different defaults: one from Karate and another from the basic Kicking maneuver.

P. 48. Add this paragraph to the end of Ear Clap:

A one-handed ear clap would require only one attack If the victim loses the Quick Contest, he is deafened in one ear for 2d seconds (treat as Hard of Hearing) and at -1 DX. He is still stunned if he loses the Quick Contest. The result of a critical miss on HT or critical success on Ear Clap is potentially permanent Hard of Hearing, not Deafness.

P. 49. In the Vital Organs sidebar, the Jaw is -6 to hit.

Under Throat in the sidebar, change the thresholds for crushing the throat and decapitation from 1/3 HT to HT.

P. 52. Knee Strike has Reach C.

P. 54. Add this sentence to the end of the second paragraph under Riposte: "The riposte replace the character's next attack; it is not an extra attack."

Under Optional Rule: Combinations, the third sentence in the third paragraph should read "attack or defense", not "attack of defense".

Pp. 55-56. In the Competition Types sidebar, change all references (see above). The first, for spotting a foul, is (see p. 64). The second, for detailed competition rules, is (see Tournament Combat, p. 61). The third, for fatigue loss, is (see p. 63).

P. 56. Under Trip, change the p. 56 reference to p. 51.

P. 65. In the Skill Bonuses section of Multiple Attacks, replace "For every 8 points of skill, the character gets one attack or Parry" with "For every 8 points of skill over 8, the character gets one additional attack and Parry." Some skills start with multiple parries . . .

Pp. 72-74. Under Developing New Styles During Play, delete the second paragraph entirely. Note that the reaction rolls are optional depending on the campaign world.

P. 79. Under Capoeira change santeria to candomble.

P. 108. Add these disadvantages and quirks to Arlah:

Disadvantages: Curious, Intolerance (Mortals), Obsession (Studying the martial arts), Overconfidence, Stubbornness.

Quirks: Annoyingly industrious, Incorporates all manner of pleasures into her training, Likes her solitude, Spends hours studying history, Tries to be the solemn master and fails miserably.

P. 130. Shift the stats for Three-Part Staff (two separate attacks) one column to the left.

P. 131. Under Katana, change "+1 damage" in the title to "+1 swinging damage" in the title. Change the entry "Katana" to "Katana (Fine Quality)". Change the special note to read "Quadruple cost at TL6- outside Japan".

P. 133. The Ninja-to has two methods of use. The stats for the second method are in the Special Notes column.

P. 133. Shuriken have a maximum damage of 1d+2.

P. 134. The Combat Fan weighs 1 pound.

P. 156. The sequel to Marathon Man is Brothers.

Ninja High School is published by Antarctic Press.

P. 160. Delete "; skill, 34" from the Off-Hand Weapon Training entry.