Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Places of Mystery – Updated March 10, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1 Add the following text:

The authors would like to thank David Edelstein, Mrs. J.I. Flin, Steve Gilham, Liam Gormley, Jenny Hein, David Pulver, the Rev. Michael "Moriah" Sullivan, and Jo and Ken Walton, for playtesting, extra information, and useful comments on the contents of this book. Special thanks to David Flin and Angela Masters, who helped chase down quite a few of the mysteries – amongst other things.

P. 2. Ley Spells are on p. 26. The Sample Character: Earth Priest (Geomancer) is on p. 24.

P. 5. Under About the Authors, Phil Masters' email address is, of course, – a superfluous period crept in the middle of 'uk'.

P. 7. Under The City of Atlantis, change "brass" to "bronze" in the last paragraph, to match the illustration. The terms were at one time synonymous.

P. 12. Under Early Atlantic Crossings? the reference for the Kon-Tiki expedition should be to p. 103.

P. 16. In the sidebar, change "Secret History" to "Conspiracy Theory".

P. 32. Under Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages the second sentence should begin "He established a dynasty which."

P. 36. Under Sample Character: Secret Priest of Set, change "Egyptology" to "Archaeology (Egypt specialization)"; he always wears "black", not "blac;".

P. 38. Piazzi Smith visited Egypt in 1864-1865, not 18655.

P. 56. In Tibetan Buddhism, change the opening two sentences to "Buddhism centers around a belief in reincarnation. One who dies, is usually reborn in another body." (Buddhist teaching denies the existence of a soul per se.)

P. 57. In the second paragraph under The Dalai Lamas, change the words "the God of Compassion, Chenrezi" to "Chenrezi, a Bodhisattva (enlightened one)."

P. 65. Under Chatal Huyuk, change the beginning of the first sentence to read "Even older than Jericho is Chatal Huyuk, a Neolithic town in what is now southern Turkey".

P. 70. Under The Muslim City the reference at the end should be to the sidebar on p. 71.

P. 74. Alamut is a castle set high in the remote mountains of Persia, not Turkey.

P. 89. Dream Interpretation is Mental/Very Hard, with a mandatory specialization by culture.

P. 123. Under Conspiracy Theory, change "Secret History" to "Conspiracy Theory".