Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Psionics (Third Printing) – Updated April 29, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. On the cover page, this printing was incorrectly marked as the fourth printing. It can be distinguished from the fourth printing by the Pyramid and catalog insert inside the front cover.

P. 7. Replace the third paragraph (The Rule of 16) under Resisted Skills with this one: "The Rule of 16: If the subject is a living being, the caster's effective skill cannot exceed the higher of 16 or the subject's actual resistance."

Under the Modifiers to Skill sidebar, repeated attempts are at -1 (-2 for ESP skills or vs. a Mind Shield).

P. 8. Under Multiple Feats, change the penalty to -1 to skill for each other psi skill that the user has "on". The penalties in the examples should all be reduced by one (to -1, -2, and -2, respectively).

P. 11. Under Electrokinesis, add Energy Sense to the list of detection methods that give a -5 to skill.

P. 14. Combat Sense has a prerequisite of ESP Power 10, since Power 5 has no effect.

P. 15. Under Healing (the Power description), the first line should read "The power of psychic healing seems to combine aspects of psychokinesis and telepathy, . . ."

Also under Healing, change the next-to-last line in the first paragraph to read "Successful healing costs 1 fatigue for every 2 hits healed."

P. 17. Under Psychokinesis, extend the +1 bonus for touching the subject to include targeting oneself.

P. 19. In the Telekinesis Mass Table, change "Wt. Moved" to "Mass Moved."

In the paragraph above the Telekinesis Speed table, change 250 mph to 500 mph (Move 250). Change the last sentence before the Speed table to read "If the excess Power is an odd number, multiply the next lower speed by 1.4 (or add 125 mph if the Power difference is 16 or more).

P. 24. Mindwipe can be used to implant or remove any mental advantage, disadvantage, or quirk that the GM feels can be logically linked to the erasure of memories or the insertion of false memories. In any event, traits associated with the physical structure of the brain, and most supernatural (i.e., magical or psionic) traits cannot be affected. Time required remains 1/2-hour per point altered.

P. 25. Under Telereceive, the last sentence of the second paragraph should read "waiting for a contact", not contract.

P. 27. Under Autoteleport, in the second paragraph change "18 inches" to "9 inches".

P. 29. Reduced Range is a -5% limitation, and can be taken a maximum of three times for a single power.

Add the following paragraph under Unconscious: Telepathy and ESP powers may be both unconscious and uncontrollable, for a net 50% reduction in cost. They cannot be uncontrollable without being unconscious; thus, they are not listed separately under Uncontrollable, below.

Pp. 30-31. In the Psi Skills Table, the Ý should be ±.

P. 33. The example in the sidebar rounds down instead of up. It should read: "A psi has enough Power to lift 500 lbs., giving him a Telekinetic ST of 20. He wishes to throw a 28 lb. object. 28/20 = 1.4 ratio, rounded up to 1.5. This gives a Distance of .7. The object can be thrown (0.7×20) 14 yards."

P. 52. Under Astral Entities, the roll should be 5 or less on 3d, +1 per 4 full levels of Astral Projection Power.

P. 63. Under Psicomp Characters, it should note that AIs always have the Astral Entity disadvantage (the cyberspace version, not the astral plane), not No Physical Body - there is no brain to support.

P. 96. Being of Pure Thought costs 290 points. Their Insubstantiability gets the -50% special limitation Always On and the +100% special enhancement Can Affect Substantial.

P. 102. Under Everyone's a Psi, it would cost 35 points to buy a Power level of 1 in all Powers.

P. 122. In the sidebar, the Psibercorps Soldier has a Speed of 6.25. His or her neuropsi implant gives one psi power at Power 1 or 2.

P. 126. Cassie Izumi: ESP 2, Fickle-8 costs 5 points (6 -30% = 4.2, round up). PK 8, Full Power in Emergencies Only costs 32 points (40 -20% = 32). Delete the Motorcycle Skill to make her a 200-pt. character.