Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Psionics (Fourth Printing) – Updated April 29, 2003

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Delete the following erratum; it is in error.

P. 1. Delete the 4 from the list of numbers at the bottom right of the page. This is the fifth printing, not the fourth.

P. 22. Under Brute Force Attacks, the fourth sentence of the last paragraph says "this reduces Calvert's Mind Shield Power by (2½)". This should be "(20/2)".

P. 23. At the top of the first column, the first paragraph of "Get Out of My Mind!" (continued from the previous page) should finish: "roll vs. Will+10; if so, the attempt counts as your action for the turn." (Only those without Mind Shield must use an action.)

Pp. 28-29. The percentages on Fickle should be halved; a Fickleness number of 5 would be worth -35%, 8 would be worth -15%, etc.

P. 40. In the last paragraph of the sidebar Telepathic Combat:

P. 41. In the sidebar Telepathic Combat (Continued): in the second sentence of the second paragraph, Cassie's Mind Shield is reduced to an effective Power of 10, not 11, and (in the parenthetical section) the brute-force effort costs Astaroth 2 fatigue, not 1.

P. 55. Under Other Abilities, in the sixth sentence of the Total Rapport entry, remove "(if any)". In the next sentence, change "4-level Mindlink" to "4-level Mindlink and Telepathy 1"; change the 8 to a 10; and change "30 yards" to "100 yards".

P. 96. Under Being of Pure Thought, delete the phrase "You can fly at a rate equal to your Move; however" and let the rest of the sentence stand alone.

P. 126. Make the following changes to Cassie Izumi's sidebar: Aspect-12 (1); Emotion Sense-12 (1); Mindwipe-12 (1); Telereceive-17 (10); Telesend-15 (6); she is now a 187-point character (not 200).

P. 128. The index entry for the Strong Will advantage should refer to p. 95, not 96.

Back cover. The back cover is incorrect. Psionics was edited by Loyd Blankenship, Creede Lambard, and Steve Jackson.