Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – Pyramid Magazine – Updated August 13, 1998

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Issue #10

P. 64. Juggling is Physical/Easy, and defaults to Sleight of Hand-3. Modifiers are -3 per object above three; -2 for unbalanced objects; -1 to -6 for unmatched objects, depending on how close they are in weight. Team Juggling is a separate P/E skill, but the two default to each other at -2. A critical failure indicates the juggler has overreached himself and must make a DX roll or fall down. If he was juggling dangerous objects, he will take damage from one or more of them. No active defense is possible, PD and DR protect normally.

P. 68. Under "Hellspider" Infiltration Robot, Brain cost is -25 points, not -20. DR 2 metal Armor cost is 6 points, not 10. ST cost is -73, not -70. Model Point Cost is -11 points, not 1.

Issue #12

P. 73. Under Anyadoll (Anya Cho), being trilingual is an 8-point Unusual Background. Occultism-12 costs 1/2 point. This brings her point total to 151.5. Alternately, drop native proficiency in English (bilingual is a 5-point UB), pay 2 points for English-14, add a 5th quirk, and pay 1 point for Occultism-13. Point total remains 150.

Issue #14

P. 36. That's Beer-Barrel Pooka, not Polka.

P. 52 The Hacker makes reference to the Computing skill. This should be to the Computer Programming skill.

P. 79 The Shrieking Arrow causes everyone within 6 yards of its flight path to make a roll vs HT or be deafened for 1d6-2 turns (minimum of one turn). Characters within the area of affect are given a +1 on this roll for every 1 yard distance from the flight path.

Issue #18

P. 80. Insert the following text at the top of the first column: "Off-Hand Weapon Training (Hard): Defaults to any Combat/Weapon skill-4; Prerequisite: Any Combat Weapon skill; Cannot exceed prerequisite skill level. Anyone who has learned to use a weapon with the master hand can learn to use the"

Issue #19

Pp. 44-45 Replace the Advantages and Disadvantages with the following text:

The Yalkani are Amphibious (10 points), and derive protection from their Armor (5 levels of Damage Resistance against Common attacks; 10 points). Their Chameleon abilities (+4 Stealth when still, +2 when moving; 14 points), and their Claws (15 points, +2 damage in hand to hand combat) are other natural advantages. Their Nictating Membrane (PD 4, DR 2; 20 points) helps protect their eyes while underwater. They have a +2 racial skill bonus in biologically related fields, such as Physician (12 points).

Yalkani disadvantages include a Shortened Lifespan (1 level, -10 points), Dependency (need to be immersed in water daily, -15 points), and Increased Life Support (Semi-Aquatic, -10 points). Their apathy toward technology makes them Primitive (2 TLs, -10 points). Their awkwardness on land gives them Reduced Move (Land Mode, -5 points). Their Bad Sight (nearsightedness, -2 to hand weapon attacks, distance modifier in ranged attacks doubled, -10 points) often goes uncorrected.

It costs 31 points to play a Yalkani character. The Yalkani do not have the Racially Learned Skill of Swimming (unnecessary due to Amphibious).

P. 50. Reduce Mombeambavmiam's IQ to 14 (dropping all IQ-based skills one level) and her DX to 11 (dropping all DX-based skills one level). Return Tamdu Combat (Judo) to 9, Surgery to 15, Diagnosis to 14, and Language (Terra Lingua) to 13. Eliminate the Swimming skill. Point total remains 100.

Issue #23

P. 62. Under The Dragonstar Blade, Reach is 3-6 when swinging two-handed, and 6 when thrusting two-handed.

Issue #25

P. 51. The Cerub of Stone would not have Ranged Weapon/2 (pistol), since it would be dissonant for an angel of David to use. Substitute Small Weapon/2 (knife) instead.

Issue #26

P. 33. Asashiel is a Malakite of Destiny, and has the Malakim of Destiny Attunement.

Issue #28

P. 13. The Cursed Sword of Hsima cannot be used to block. Near the top of the second column, replace "any block or parry" with "any parry."