Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Riverworld – Updated June 14, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Pp. 9-10. Change the 36 A. R. entry in the Chronology to 50 A.R. and change 37 A.R. to 51 A.R.. The Twilight of the Gods now lasts until 50 A.R. and The Dark Tower begins at 50 A.R.

P. 13. In the second paragraph under Grailstones delete "50" from "arranged in 50 concentric rings". 50 18-inch rings won't fit in a 50-foot table.

In the second paragraph under Food in the sidebar, change the page reference to "(see sidebar p. 14)".

P. 14. Under Grail Provisions, replace "each grailstone" with "each grailstone near the shore" in the third sentence of the fourth paragraph.

P. 19. Add this line to the last paragraph: "their advanced techniques."

P. 30. In the Automatic Advantages sidebar, Unaging is 15 points, total value is 80 points.

Pp. 42, 54, 72, 75. Replace "Airship Piloting" and "Piloting (Airship)" with "Piloting (Lighter-than-Air)".

P. 46. Add this line to the end of the page under Neanderthals: "and hunting the woolly mammoth and the cave bear. Neanderthals are shorter and stock-"

Pp. 47-48. Update the Titanthrops racial package:

Titanthrops – 82 points
Advantages and Disadvantages ST+2 (20 points) Natural ST+13 (78 points) +2 Hit Points (10 points) Toughness (10 points) Acute Taste and Smell +2 (4 points) -1 IQ (-10 points) Inconvenient Size (-10) and Hideous Appearance (-20).

Delete the note about fatiguing twice as fast when travelling on foot.

P. 71. Balloons are covered by a single skill, Piloting (Ballooning), as per GURPS Vehicles. Riverworld GMs may use the two separate specializations here if they feel that the training on Riverworld is different enough to merit it.

P. 80. Under Effect of Glory on the PC's Reputation, change "Make roll by 1 to 3" to "Miss roll by 1 to 3".

P. 100. In the third paragraph in the Dealing With Death sidebar, characters are resurrected the morning after their deaths.

P. 116. In the sidebar, de Orellana joined Pizarro's expedition to the fabled Cinnamon Forests.

P. 118. Kur has working knowledge of TL1 (not TL4) architecture techniques.

P. 123. Under The Battle of the Stones, the mass combat rules are located on pp. 77-83.