Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Robots (Second Printing) – Updated August 25, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 7. In the fourth paragraph under Design Concept and Tech Levels, change "Nemesis ("Synthia")" to "Nemesis ("Synthia", p. 51).

P. 9. Under Extra ROM Slots (TL7), replace the first sentence with this one: "This multiplies the number of hardwired programs the computer can run simultaneously by 1.5."

P. 12. In the Parabolic Hearing entry under Audio Options, range should triple at each increase of 10 dB, not double. Each level of the advantage triples range as well.

P. 19. In the sixth paragraph, the volume of reactionless thrusters is weight divided by 50, not 20.

P. 34. The Powerstone spell for Mana Engines costs 100 per kW.

P. 35. In the Power Plant Table, change the Fuel of TL 7 Fuel Cells to 0.15, the Fuel of TL 8 Fuel Cells to 0.13, the Fuel of TL 9+ Fuel Cells to 0.115, change the TL for Antimatter to TL 11 and the Fuel to Spcl.; change the weight of the Total Conversion Reactor to 0.02×KW in the 5KW or More column.

P. 41. Change the first full sentence on the page (dealing with Submersible robots) to begin "A sealed or waterproof robot with legs or the flexible option . . ."

P. 43. The Thermal Superconducting coating increases armor point cost by +67%.

P. 44. In the description of Elastic Skin, move the third and fourth sentences to the end of the paragraph, so that it's clear that the 10 seconds refers to the appearance alteration.

P. 49. In the last line of Boosted Jumps, change it to read ". . . it could now jump 5/.2 = 25 feet."

P. 61. Replace the last sentence of the second paragraph under Hardwired Programs with this one: "The cassettes are loaded into a computers ROM slots. Normally, a computer has a number of ROM slots equal to its Complexity rating (see Extra ROM Slots, p. 9)."

P. 72. In the Reconfigurable Gadgets paragraph of the Transforming Systems sidebar, change the third sentence to "The titular gadget in Larry Niven's story "The Soft Weapon" is an example of this sort of device."

P. 116. The AAV-1 "Vulture" Autonomous Attack Vertol (TL9) has a flying endurance of 1.5 hours.

P. 125. In the Lost in Space entry under Movies and Plays, delete the note about the robot appearing in Forbidden Planet.

P. 126. Under Comics, change "Toren Smith" to "Adam Warren" for Bubblegum Crisis and Dirty Pair.