Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Space (Third Edition, First Printing) – Updated June 28, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. [1]. Add the following credits:

Additional Material by W.G. Armintrout, Stephen Beeman, Ben Ellinger, John M. Ford, Don Gallagher, J. David George, Mike Hurst, David Ladyman, M.A. Lloyd, Mike Moe, and Jon F. Zeigler
Maps by Robert Knop

P. 4. In the second paragraph under Where Credit is Due, it's Iain M. Banks, not Iain Banks.

P. 53. Under Average Jobs, the Pirate success roll is 10 + |Reputation| (i.e., 10 + the magnitude of any Reputation advantage or disadvantage).

P. 75. Under Ranged Weapons, the Stunner's SS is 10.

Pp. 104-106. The first line of the Radiation Effects Table should read "1 to 10 rads", not "Up to 10 rads". This change is to agree with GURPS Transhuman Space. A HT roll is required when a dose of 1 rad or more is received. For doses under 1 rad, a HT roll is made only when the accumulated dose increases by 1 rad (e.g., someone receiving 1/4 rad per day must roll vs. HT every 4 days, not every day).

P. 117. On the Reaction Drives Table, "Light Sail/8" should have a Thrust of 0.037 and "Light Sail/9" should have a Thrust of 0.63.

P. 121. The Power Core Table lacks entries for power cores for antimatter pion drives of TL 9 and 10 (see Power Cores, p. 118). Add the following two lines to the table, between the last fusion core and the first antimatter core:

System Spc. Mass Cost Note
Antimatter Core/9 2.5 10.4 2.01 For Antimatter Power/9
Antimatter Core/10 0.5 2.2 0.41 For Antimatter Power/10

P. 122. Under Crew and Passengers, to calculate the number of engineers required take the square root of the sum of the tonnage of the power plant and drives, divide by 60 and round down.

P. 123. Under Quarters, the text in the Freeze Tubes: entry should say "Each space contains 10" (not 20).

On the Quarters Table, change the "Freeze Tube" Mass to 5 and the Cost to 0.55.

The note on half-space versions (after the *asterisk, directly under the Quarters Table) should list 5 tubes, not 10.

The Example at the bottom of the page also lists a half-space of tubes as 10 tubes; change it to 5.

P. 124. In the Example, the power should be 0.375 MW, not 0.75 MW.

P. 125. Under Weapon Types, the "Missile Bay" entry should list 8 heavy missiles, not 16.

P. 128. Under Accessories, the "Complete Workshop" entry should say "for using all of" not "for using one of".

P. 130. In the Example, the ship's "mass of all its systems" is 728.25 tons, its EMass is 890.25 tons, and its LMass is 1,659.25 tons. Its total cost is M$106.5195.

P. 131. In the Example, the ship's LMass should be 1,659.25 tons in the calculations for both SAccel and FTL speed. The results are unchanged.