Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Steampunk – Updated February 16, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1. On the cover page, Glenn Barnett should be Glen Barnett.

P. 4. In the Page References sidebar, at the end of the section, add "Y refers to Y2K."

P. 31. The Aesthete's Advantages section should list Appearance, not Attractiveness.

P. 87. In the second paragraph, Rote Learning is listed at -15 points. It's worth -25 (see p. 45); this brings the net cost of a nonsentient mechanical man to 0 points.

P. 88. On the Artillery chart, the 5-mm magnetoballista should cost $440 and the 10-mm magnetoballista should cost $1,000.

P. 96. Under Wireless Telegraphy, insert this paragraph before the last paragraph:

Because receivers and transmitters are separate units in this era, the range factors for each are the square root of the range factors on p. VE48, so that the product of the two range factors will come out the same; for example, a very long range receiver (× 10) and a very long range transmitter (also × 10) have a combined range factor of × 100.

In the last paragraph, make the second and third sentences read: "Wireless vision transmission is a 15-point Invention at either TL. Wireless matter transmission, if the GM decides that it is possible, is a 50-point Invention at either TL."

Pp. 96 and 97. Under Reactionless Drives, the sentence that crosses these two pages should reference "40 kWs," not kW.

P. 98. Under Etheric Shock Bombs, finish the paragraph with the sentence "These are one-use devices; the etheric shockwave destroys the bomb!"

P. 99. Beneath the Gravity Screens table, add a note: "Note: The cost per sf is for a chemical screen, which does not require power; powered screens cost 50% as much."

Under Gravitic Balloons, change the bottom of the section to:

The resulting aerostatic lift can be calculated as follows:
Volume = 13.6/(Weight Reduction Fraction)

P. 103. Under Psychic Powers, change the Healing modifications to "must be bought with either "only on others" (-50%) or "only on self" (-30%) as described on p. P15."

P. 104. Under Magnetism, replace the last paragraph with the following: "The cost of Magnetism per level is 7 points plus the total cost per level of all psychic powers it includes."

P. 105. The percentages given in the main text at the top of this page are wrong. Change +5% to +50%, +10% to +100% and +20% to +200% throughout.

P. 106. In the Predictive Social Science sidebar, change the first sentence of the last paragraph to read:

If predictive social sciences exist in the campaign, those with Economics, History, Politics, and Strategy must specialize in the regular or the predictive version; the two specializations default to each other at -3. The predictive specialization has Mathematics as a prerequisite.

P. 133. The sidebar gives John Bauer the advantage Capital. This should be Independent Income.

P. 136. Under Technology, the page reference to GURPS Magic should be "M116-117".

In the Rabbinical Enchantment sidebar, the page reference to GURPS Magic should be "M90-92". In the Golems section of the sidebar, the pages should be "M116-117".

P. 137. The sidebar gives Rebekah Schwartzberg the advantage Capital. This should be Independent Income.

P. 138. Rebekah Schwartzberg has Qabala listed as a skill; this should be Gematria.