Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Supers (Second Edition, Fourth Printing) – Updated June 21, 2001

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 18. The page reference in the sidebar are for the first edition of GURPS Magic. To update for the second edition, replace "pp. M76-83" with "pp. M85-90" and "p. M86" with "pp. M96-97".

P. 29. Under Resistance Against Super Powers, change "When resisting a skill of more than 16" to "When resisting a Power of more than 16".

P. 31. In the last paragraph, change "one hex in any direction" to "one Step in any direction".

P. 32. Under Damage Fields, delete "Affects Others" from the list of enhancements needed.

Pp. 32-33. Replace all text under Linked Enhancements and Limitations with:

One may "link" a set of enhancements to a set of limitations, in which case the limitations come into effect only when the enhanced version of the power is used. To do this, apply both sets of modifiers normally, but since enhancements linked to limitations still add a capability, they should cost points: the limitations cannot reduce the net modifier for all linked traits to less than ¼ the value of just the enhancements. If they would, use ¼ the value of the enhancements instead.

Example: Explosive Effect (+40%) is linked to Recoil (-40%). Since the net modifier would be +0%, ¼ the value of Explosive Effect is used instead, giving a final modifier of +10%.

P. 35. Under Super Advantages, the base Duration of advantages with the Affects Others enhancement is HT seconds. Change "Increased Duration" to "Extended Duration".

P. 38. Replace the entire ablative Damage Resistance section (from the start of the third paragraph down to the end of the little table) with:

Special Limitation: Ablative DR, -15%. When an attack strikes ablative DR, every 10 points of basic damage rolled removes one point of DR, regardless of whether or not the attack penetrates DR. Lost DR "heals" at the same rate as lost HT. Characters who want their DR to regenerate more quickly may take Regeneration. A character may put a layer of ablative DR under normal DR, in which case only the damage that penetrates the normal DR reduces the ablative DR.

P. 39. Delete the fifth paragraph under Enhanced ST; fatigue is increased along with ST.

P. 40. Extra Stun cost is Variable. It may be purchased at the rate of 1/2 to 2 points per extra point, at the GM's discretion. If Extra Hit Points are allowed, then Extra Stun should cost only 1/2 point per level.

In the last sentence of the first paragraph under Flight, the reference to the sidebar should be to p. 24.

Pp. 40-41. Under Growth, relabel the third column of the Growth and Strength table "Cost reduction". Replace the Special limitation with this text: "Special limitation: Maximum size only. If you can only switch between normal height and your maximum, you may apply the same cost reduction from the chart above to the Growth ability itself." Replace the last sentence with "If so, they should be bought with the same cost reduction from the chart."

P. 41. Delete "if you are ambidextrous" from the description of Independently Focusable Eyes. Ambidexterity is not required to aim multiple weapons with this advantage; usual off-hand weapon penalties apply.

P. 44. Under Radar Sense, delete the note about bonuses to certain skills - none are listed in Sonar Vision. In the fourth printing only, change the cost back to 50 + 1/hex radius.

P. 46. Flight is a prerequisite for Super Flight.

Your Super-Jump Move is your Move or 20% of your maximum long jump, whichever is greater.

P. 48. Under Accelerated Aging, replace "the race's current lifespan" with "the character's current lifespan".

P. 49. 5 levels of Accuracy for Fireball at Power 10 would raise its cost to 75 points (60 + 25%).

Under Affects Others, change "you may roll as though" to "you may roll vs. DX as though".

P. 50. Under Extended Duration, delete ", nor can advantages and disadvantages be enhanced with it".

Pp. 50-51. Under Instantaneous change "you may now use a power, then take a full normal move or hand-to-hand attack" to "you may now use a power in a turn that you take a full normal move or hand-to-hand attack". The power use does not necessarily have to come before the other part of the turn.

P. 52. Under Wall, change "and advantage with this enhancement" to "an advantage with Area Effect and this enhancement".

P. 53. The percentages on Fickle should be halved; a Fickleness number of 5 would be worth -35%, 8 would be worth -15%, etc.

A maximum of three levels of Reduced Range may be taken.

P. 56. Under Bind, the example should read ". . . rolling vs. a 45(!!) or until the 15-second Duration of the Bind expires."

Change Buzzsaw to LC 3, add its Power to ST when calculating punching damage, make punching damage impaling at all levels, roll vs. Buzzsaw skill rather than DX when punching this way, and forget about the fatigue cost.

P. 59. Under Disintegrate, add this sentence: "1 pound per level of Power can be affected." The second example is in error – DR does not protect normally against this power; all 44 points would be applied against the wall's DR.

P. 61. Under Laser, note that it does 1d-1 damage per level of Power.

P. 64. Under Sense Super Power, replace "lowers his Will" with "reduces his chance of resisting".

P. 74. Under Modified Arm ST delete the sentence "This ST must be bought normally, not as the Enhanced ST advantage."

P. 76. Replace the text under Feet Manipulators with:

Any limb which can manipulate should be purchased as a short Extra Arm (5 points, see p. 75) with Nuisance Effect: Temporary Disadvantage (Legless while using Extra Arms, -35%), for 4 points. This means that if a person with feet manipulators is using his feet as arms, he can't walk or run; he can sit still, float (in space or liquid) or fly, of course.

P. 83. Under Extra Effort Strength Table delete the first two entries (for ST15 and ST16) in the table.

Also in the Extra Effort with High Strength table, some of the Extra Effort Lift numbers are incorrect. The correct values for these entries are:

STExtra Effort Lift

P. 97. Replace "EEC" with "European Economic Community (EEC)".

P. 99. In the timeline under 1957, the EEC/Common Market is formed by West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemborg.

P. 111. Move Secret Identity from Super Disadvantages to Disadvantages.

P. 112. In the fourth printing only, change The Fox's first quirk back to "Thinks Eddie Murphy should be flogged." (since it is only a meaningful quirk as an irreverent metaphorical attempt to describe the character's attitude about his racial identity, not as an opinion about a single celebrity).

P. 127. Delete the Neutralize Poison power index entry.