Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Swashbucklers (First Edition) – Updated February 10, 1998

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 2. The phone number listed for the Illuminati BBS should be (512) 447-4449.

P. 3. Under Entertainers, the reference to the sidebar on p. 38 should be to the sidebar on p. 28 instead.

P. 4. Highwaymen should refer to p. 54, not p. 13.

P. 8. Odious Personal Habits: Sidebar is on page 28, not 38.

P. 10. Cooperage is a Mental/Easy skill. The last line should state, "Continue rolling each week."

P. 18. Under Comfortable Jobs, Master Craftsman* should be ×$120, not ×$12.

P. 19. Under England, the Guinea's dollar value should be $105, not $125.

P. 20. Under Melee Weapons Table, the Pike was left out. The Pike uses the Spear skill, does Imp./thrust+3 damage, has a reach of 4-6, costs $80, weighs 3/hex and has a Min ST of 12.

P. 20. In the Ranged Weapons Table, the Flintlock Blunderbuss should cost $15, not $5.

P. 20. Under Terms Defined, the last part of Shots should say, "All guns listed can be made as two (or more) barreled guns." Also include: "Ammo Cost: $2.00 per 100 shots" and "Ammo Weight: Pistol, 15/pound; long gun, 10/pound."

P. 39. The Malabar Coast, mentioned in the text, was left off the map – it is the western coast of India.

P. 52. The History and Fiction sidebar, first paragraph, should read: ". . . bears little resemblance to history." ". . . to fit their concepts of morality."

P. 65. The birthdates are off by 100 years; they should be 1661 and 1689.

P. 73. The Forecastle should be abbreviated to (Fo'c'sl). The arrow that marks the Keel is too high; it should point to the very bottom line on the drawing.

P. 86. Two footnotes should be added.

P. 86. See Boarding, p. 89, not p. 90.

P. 91. It should be noted that B = Ship's Boats, stacked, and that the oblong shape beside H on the Large Sloop diagram should be labeled B. The I should be a 1, indicating level from the gun deck.