Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Swashbucklers (Third Edition) – Updated February 21, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 5. In the Skills paragraph under Clergy, replace "Religious Ritual" with "Performance/Ritual (p. CI147)".

In the Advantages paragraph under Diplomats, replace "Cultural Adaptivity" with "Cultural Adaptability".

In the second paragraph under Entertainers, the primary skill involved is "Fortune Telling (p. CI154)".

P. 15. Languages, fourth paragraph: Gaelach is Manx Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic is Gàidhlig.

P. 16. The Beggar's Success Roll should be Panhandling.

P. 21. In the last paragraph of the sidebar, change "1/3 normal" in the third sentence to "2/3 normal".

P. 35. The Melee Weapons Table has switched the cut and imp values for the following weapons: the Slashing Rapier, the Transitional Rapier with cutting blade, and the Main-Gauche. Exchange the damage values in the Amt column for each of those weapons.

P. 36. Under Slashing Rapier, replace the fifth sentence with the following text: "If an average rapier is used to cut, the rapier's WM is treated as one place worse until the user's next turn (see sidebar, pp. 20-21)." Also, change the page reference from CII22 to CI24.

Under Transitional Rapiers, the hit points in the fourth sentence should be 7, not 6. The cutting version from the previous sentence should still be 6.

P. 47. Under their Maneuvers, D'Artagnan should have Esquive-15 and Athos should have Esquive-14.

P. 48. Under their Maneuvers, Porthos should have Esquive-12 and Aramis should have Esquive-14.

P. 53. Under her Maneuvers, Julie la Maupin should have Esquive-15.

P. 97. Under England, add "See GURPS Who's Who 1." after Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell.

Under France, add "See GURPS Who's Who 1." after (Catherine de Medici) and [Richelieu]. Add "See GURPS Who's Who 2." after Napoleon Bonaparte.

Under English Major Personalities, add "See GURPS Who's Who 1." after William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Oliver Cromwell. Add "See GURPS Who's Who 2." after Isaac Newton.

Under The New World Major Personalities, add "See GURPS Who's Who 2." after Samuel Champlain. Add "See GURPS Who's Who 1." after Bartholomew Roberts.

P. 126. The URL under Manuals of Swordsmanship should be