Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Terradyne – Updated November 4, 1998

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P. 7. Recent History Timeline. Incorporation of Terradyne should be 2027. UN dissolved in 2038. First extra-terrestrial birth 2043. 2051 entry should read "UPOE charter expansion establishes current structure."

P. 9. The end of the second paragraph of "Phoebe's Arrival" should read, "to avoid hitting Mars."

P. 10. The Big Splash was September 23, 2064.

P. 17. Under Original Subsidiaries, the reference to "Mars VISITORs" should be to "Lowell Stations."

P. 64. The Lunar Planetary Record Sheet map key is missing: 1. Luna City, 2. Aristarchus Manufacturing Facility, 3. Farside Station.

P. 72. The Mars Planetary Record Sheet map key is missing: 1. Olympus Mons, 2. Arsia Mons, 3. Pavonis Mons, 4. Ascraeus Mons, 5. Elysium Mons, 6. Hecates Tholis, 7. Mariner Canyon, 8. Uruk, 9. Lowell, 10. Hellan Canal, 11. Argyrian Canal, 12. Trans-Sea Canal, 13. Polar Canal.

P. 73. In Injection Events on Mars, "Pleistocene" should read "Pliocene."

P. 76. References to "International Law" in the Colonial Directorship section should be "World Law."

P. 84. In the last paragraph of the sidebar, the explorer was Captain Scott, and "Who Goes There?" was written by John W. Campbell.

P. 89. The science of Hydrology is mentioned, but not defined as a skill – and it would certainly be useful in terraforming Mars. Thanks to Bruce Morton for suggesting a definition, on which the following was based:

Hydrology (Mental/Average) / Defaults to Meteorology-6

Hydrology is the science dealing with the waters of the earth – their properties, phenomena and distribution. It includes the hydrologic cycle: precipitation, evaporation and runoff to rivers, oceans and lakes, whether from soil or vegetation. A hydrologist could also answer questions about flood control, irrigation, erosion, glaciers, currents and so on.

Should anyone wish to specialize in the Titan equivalent, methology, treat it as basically the same but for methane oceans and currents. It defaults to Meteorology-8; hydrology and methology would default to each other at -3.

P. 92. In the Solar Sail sidebar, one square kilometer of sail provides 2 tons of thrust, costs $1,267,500, and masses 1.27 tons.

P. 116. Under Languages, Janglish defaults to English or Japanese at -4, since it is not a dialect.