Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Time Travel Adventures – Updated May 30, 1999

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

P. 1 and back cover. Steve Hatherley's name is misspelled.

P. 34. Under Legend change the asterisk reference to p. 38.

P. 35. David Baird's Parry should be 6.

David Coolidge's Parry should be 7 (Brawling).

P. 36. Kathy Kennedy's Dodge should be 7.

Jack Morgan's Parry should be 6.

P. 37. Add "Knife-14 (4 points)" to Jack Morgan's Skills. Add "knife edged with monowire (see GURPS Ultra-Tech, p. 53) giving it +1d damage, costing $500" to his Equipment.

P. 38. Doctor Harold Chandler's HT should be 9.

P. 39. Mr. Ho's ST costs -15 points. His DX should be 9. His Speed should be 4.5. His Move and Dodge should be 4.

Chu's DX costs 45 points.

P. 40. Charles Huntingdon's ST costs -15 points.

P. 41. Patrick Johns' HT costs -15 points.

P. 42. Gary Lawley's Speed is 6.25. His Move and Dodge are 6.

Angus McAllister's Speed is 5.75. His Move and Dodge are 5.

P. 43. Arthur Osbourne's DX costs -15 points.

P. 45. Colin Rea's ST costs -15 points.

Joanna Renard's ST costs -15 points.

P. 46. Jeremy Thompson's Speed is 5.

P. 48. John Wilkins' HT costs -15 points.

Douglas Yates' Parry is 10 (Fencing), 9 (Brawling).

P. 92. Under World of Magic, delete the last sentence in the last paragraph. There is no Radio and TV sidebar.

P. 114. In Andrew Bleys' Grimoire, remove the '*' from Steal Health and Summon Demon, and delete "Soulburner-16" altogether.

P. 124. Delete the reference to demon mounts in the second paragraph of the Early '50s.

P. 126. Add:

Planar Summons: Calls a being from "another plane." Some of these creatures are evil; others are good or indifferent. Some are highly magical; others have no magic at all, but may have other useful or dangerous abilities. There is a different spell for each plane, and some exceptionally potent cretures may not be summoned without using their own individual spell. GMs may create such spells and creatures at will.
Duration: Varies according to the plane and the creature; only the GM knows. Many extraplanar creatures can stay indefinitely once summoned.
Cost: Generally 20, but varies widely.
Time to cast: 5 minutes.
Prerequisite: Magery, and at least one spell from each of ten different colleges.