Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – GURPS Timeline – Updated June 11, 1999

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P. 9. Replace the second full paragraph with:

A Neanderthal time agent has ST+2 and DX-1. He cannot master any spoken or written language with a skill greater than 10. A Neanderthal begins to age at 40, and aging accelerates at 50 and 60. It costs 0 points to play a Neanderthal, unless the GM requires an Unusual Background to be taken for the race's psionic abilities. See GURPS Dinosaurs or GURPS Ice Age for more information about the Neanderthal race.

Delete the first sentence of the fourth full paragraph.

P. 22. In the first paragraph, the reference should be to the sun passing to the ship's right (which is north, as the fleet was travelling westwards) during the day, rather than to its rising and setting.

P. 41. In 607, the Horyuji temple was completed by Empress Suiko. Emperor Yomei died in 587.

P. 49. Heian Japan was founded in 794, not 793.

P. 51. Delete the entry under 858. Emperor Montoku died in 858 and was succeeded by Seiwa.

P. 78. In the second full paragraph, Torquemada died in 1498.

P. 81. In 1582, Pope Gregory dropped 10 days from the calendar, so that October 4 was directly followed by October 15.

P. 122. In 1972, Arab terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Also under 1972, change "The Star of Sierra Leone (969.8 carats), the largest diamond known, is discovered." to "The Star of Sierra Leone (a 969.8-carat diamond) is discovered." It is not as large as the Cullinan diamond (p. 112).