Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

ERRATA – Transhuman Space (First Edition) – Updated June 21, 2002

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Throughout: Koenigsberg should be Königsberg.

P. 1. On the cover page, change playtester Juergen Hubert to Jürgen Hubert.

P. 5. Under The Transhuman Space Line, change "beginning with" in the third sentence to "including". In sentence four, replace "coming out soon" with "available".

P. 7. Throughout the vignette, "Felicity" should be changed to "Felicia".

P. 9. In the first paragraph of the main text, "VeldtKorp's bioengineers" should be "Ithemba's bioengineers" (to match the timeline on p. 8).

P. 43. In the second paragraph under Europa, change "europi" to "europae" and "fumatii" to "fumarii".

P. 45. Under Callisto, the page reference for Nanodynamics should be p. 95, not 94.

P. 59. Under Effects of Radiation on Living Things, change the first paragraph to read:

Every time a living character accumulates at least 1 rad of radiation (but no more than once per day for continued exposure to the same source) he rolls vs. HT on the Radiation Effects Table (below), using his current total accumulated dose.

The first line of the Radiation Effects Table, "Up to 10 rads", should be "1-10 rads".

P. 96. Under System Technologies AG, change "quake-damaged" to "damaged" and "Titan Industries" to "Titan Consortium".

P. 97. Under Genetic Regulatory Agency (GRA), change "This Geneva-based organization" to "This organization (based in Geneva and Königsberg)".

P. 114. At the end of the second sentence under Racial Templates, change the page reference from "115-116" to "119-120".

P. 118. Under Other Bioroids and Parahumans, change "and Void Dancer (p. BIO56, after 2086)" to "and Void Dancer (p. BIO56, after 2096)".

P. 121. Add "80 lbs., 5' tall" to the descriptive text of the Bush Robot.

P. 123. Change the Polypede point cost to 655 points. To the list of advantages add "Radio Speech [25]". Change the dollar cost to $430,000.

P. 124. Under the advantages for RATS, change "Assault pod or police pod, and 15mm recoilless, p. 156, LC 2 [30]" to "10mm PDW and 15mm mini-missile pod, p. 156, LC 2 [30]".

Under the Combat Naga section of the Snakebot, change "Assault or police pod," to "PDW or police armgun, p. 156,".

P. 127. On the Pan-Sapient Rights Table, the intersection of Islam and Bioroid should have a † (dagger symbol, "Restricted") next to it.

P. 129. Eidetic Memory is worth -70% (as in the templates), not -75%.

P. 136. To the end of the fourth paragraph (the one beginning AIs:), add "Otherwise, treat as bioroids."

Under Guns, add "Missile" to the list of specialties. Also, append the sentence "Missile, LAW and Gyroc default to one another at -3."

P. 137. Under Memetics, add to the end of the paragraph "Memetics is a science skill."

P. 142. Under AI Software, replace the first two sentences of the second paragraph with:

A trained AI costs more: $100 per character point of advantages or skills beyond its model templates, and $800 (NAI), $6,000 (LAI), or $30,000 (SAI) per added character point spent on DX and IQ.

P. 145. Beneath the Skill Set Table, change the two-sentence Note ("Note: Social skills . . .") to read: "Note: Skills Sets are -3 in non-routine situations, like combat or emergencies. A cybershell's DX bonus adds to DX-based skills."

Under Virtual Reality Programs, in the first paragraph (Basic VR Program), replace "suit. Tactile sensation is not transmitted" with "suit unless tactile sensation is to be transmitted".

P. 152. Under Life Support, Artificial Gill, "4C" should be "4D."

P. 153. Replace the Archimedes quote with:

Cash and Points
If PCs upgrade or purchase new cybershells, infomorphs, or biomods during play, it's up to the GM whether to require spending character points as a prerequisite, or to just increase their point value. If the latter, GMs may wish to spend time roleplaying the integration of new hardware/software/bioware.

P. 157. Gestalt ammo should be ×2.5 cost.

P. 168. Delete the Hopper microbot's ability to swim.

P. 174. In the second sentence of Manufactured Hull Frame Strength, change "Most modern" to "Some modern".

P. 175. Under Asteroid Hull Mass, Cost, and cDR:

P. 179. Change the last sentence of Plasma Sails from "no more than one plasma sail module." to "no more than 10 plasma sail modules."

In the last paragraph of Installing Drives, change "(maximum 1 space if plasma sail)" to "(maximum 10 spaces if plasma sail)".

P. 180. On the Space Drives Table:

P. 185. In the second paragraph of Power Plant and Power Core, delete "and core life-support machinery".

P. 189. At the bottom of the cPF text, values for asteroid cPF calculation should be 170 if rock, 230 if ice.

Under Burn Points:

P. 191. Under the Kagoshima:

Under the Meizi:

P. 192. Under the Pegasus, 69 Burn Points become 690.

Under the SIM-7 Predator, 270 Burn Points becomes 2,700.

P. 193. In the SDV-90 text (continued from p. 192):

Under the Sudbury, 1,125 Burn Points becomes 11,250.

P. 194. Under Burn Points, 360 should be 3,600 in all instances.

P. 195. In the Burn Modifier Table, the note "10 × sAccel" should be "100 × sAccel".

P. 196. Under Attack Run, Break Off, Evasive Action, and Pursuit, change the Burning text from "up to 10 × sAccel" to "up to 100 × sAccel".

P. 198. Under Ramming and KKMP Damage:

P. 201. In the first paragraph under Distant Encounters, the page reference for sensor detection ranges should be 178, not 151.